Spark wires and coil?

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by rgoot01, Nov 26, 2012.

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    I have an '89 Electra Glide Classic that when its cold first thing it runs good. However it seems that once it gets really warmed up it really starts to spit and sputter like a misfire. I was told that it is possible that the coil or plug wires might be bad. My question is simply how exactly do you test these? I mean I know a multi meter is used but how do you hook it up and what exactly am I looking for in this test?
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    i had the same thing with my 98 softail at about 3200 rpm. mine was easy as the plug wires had the braid and i got a shock when i touched them. once i changed them out no problem.... i would also suggest to run a some sea foam through your tank.

    good luck
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    As i live in a cold damp climate if the plug wires are bad then i will have bad cold starting and once warmed up usually good all day
    However plug wires are not expensive and in this climate last 3 to 5 years so replacing them is a good first step to eliminate intermittent problems however the plugs are the first thing to replace
    Ignition modules can break down when hot but usually result in no spark at all till they cool down

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