Sore upper back after long ride

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by larryjmiller, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. larryjmiller

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    I noticed that there was an older thread regarding sore neck after riding with a couple of good tips.

    I rode over 300 miles two weeks ago. First 150 miles slow and through winding roads and several stops along the way. On the return trip, I had plenty of gas and only stopped once for a few minutes to get rid of a few cups of coffee. Then back on the slab to the house.

    This past Friday about a week after the ride, I developed a muscle spasm or ??? in my upper back on both sides of my spine. So bad, I couldn't get up without help and the Dr. gave me some muscle relaxers and pain meds.

    Of course, the wife automatically assumed it was from the stupid Harley. I told her no way! She even asked the Dr. if it could have been caused by the bike. Thank god, he was on my side and said that he was sure it wasn't from the bike. Of course he then had to go on and on about the terrible accident victims he has seen after motorcycle accidents. I had to promise him I'd be safe.

    Anyone else had this upper back pain happen to them after riding?
  2. Bud White

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    how are you sitting with the stock handle bars.. mine caused me pain as they made me leaned forward
  3. larryjmiller

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    Yes, stock bars. I was planning on rocking them back a bit.
  4. cdn-bigfoot

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    Do you ride with a windshield?
    Depending on your muscle strength, physiology and wind speed, your neck could be sore from forcing your head into the wind on a long ride. Last year I rode 1200 miles in 4 days on a Sportster with no windshield. The headwinds were very strong for the last 3 days and my neck and between the shoulder blades high was killing me.
  5. Dr. Dolittle

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    All good points about your bars (sitting position) and windshield. I would add that it can help a lot if you do some stretching every time you get off the bike and every evening if you've ridden a lot that day.
  6. buddybr

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    When I had my 07 Road King, my back would get really sore; especially on or after a long ride. After renting an Ultra and going on a long ride, I noticed I was much more comfortable and even felt more stable on the bike.

    It was because I'm tall and was sitting too far back with my arms out stright on the RK. I purchased a replacement HD Comfort Stich seat and no more back pain. The seat made me sit more forward and upright. My arms then had a slight bend, too. A much more comfortable ride.

    Now, I have an Ultra but the RK rode just as good once I replaced the seat.

    Silly thing is I love my Ultra but I miss my RK. :(
  7. silentflyer

    silentflyer Active Member

    A lighter (carbon-fiber) helmet may help...and sodium-naproxem (not sure about spelling on that) pain reliver before a long ride is a big help....
  8. michaelm

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    It's the bars.
    Change to something with more pullback. You'll be glad you did. Wild One's 508s get great reviews. So do Heritage bars. I use a Flanders bar. Whatever you pick, it will improve your comfort.
  9. horizonchaser

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    One thing that I do when going on a long ride is bring a back brace. It really helps on the long haul.
  10. Ken S.

    Ken S. Active Member

    That's what does it to me.

    Could it be a reach issued with your handle bars? too much stretch?