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    Is it just me or is Harley due for something new? I dont mean a water cooled touring bike either. When I was in high school along came the fatboy and my generation fell in love with harleys after watching the govenator outrun a semi in a trainage ditch on one. Then several years later came the night train and it was a cool new look, but now half the bikes out there are blacked out. The v-rod was a shot a new technology, but boring, I mean a v-twin knock off the yamaha v-max which was a decade and a half old when the v-rod came out. The rocker series softails seemed again like harley playing catchup with the myriad of chopper shops out there. Don't get me wrong, I love harleys and my FLHRC gives me as much joy as any of the dozen or so bikes I have owned in my life. I'm just itching to put a second bike int he stable but after countless hours spend in the dealerships drinking coffee and courting all of the bikes on the floor there is nothing that screams to me, take me home. The only thing that comes close is the forty-eight, but that is just an old school streak the runs in me. I look at the BMW HP2 as great example of the inspiration I'd like to see. A world class sportbike like nothing else out there based on a century old boxer engine. Now, the question I ask myself is: Ok, you want something new form Harley Davidson, but what? Well, I don't know, I guess If I did I'd design motorcycles for living. I think it's the Moco's job to come up with something to inspire me and more importantly the generation of 20 somethings behind me to fall in love with harley.
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    I personally like the fact that my 01 RK looks like a 2010 as well as 1996 RK. The MOCO has done a great job of keeping these models going with hidden updates and improvements.
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    I understand what you saying, sometimes nothing just sparkels and grabs your attention. For me the last bike they made that to me grabbed my eye was the Crossbones, especially with a tall set of apes.

    I think we would all love to see something we never expected.