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    This is a photo of 125cc Junior Speedway Solo bike built by a mate of mine here in Western Australia. The bikes the kids are racing now are basically a 125cc standard Honda in a modified frame and most of them were built by this same guy. He was a top Speedway rider himself and got the juniors up and going in this state because of his son and has spent more than twenty years pouring his knowledge and expertise into the sport for the kids. Now he has built this bike, which looks like a replica of a Speedway GP bike. Now this is where I get lost. He has purposely built this bike for the juniors to improve their riding and the competition as a whole but nobody wants to know about it.
    This man has built the frame to 3/4 scale of a proper speedway bike. He then imported some 125cc engines from China which are copied Honda motors. He then invented an oil pump that's about 40mm in dia. and 10mm thick which he runs off a gear on the crank that used to run the timing gear. He has done this because he has laid the engine down and created not only a lower center of gravity but also a dry sump. The oil is now pumped from a tank on the down bar behind the engine. That's the red cylinder you can see. He then transferred the timing to the right hand side of the bike. He removed all the gears in the gearbox and the wet clutch which was on the right side of the engine and fitted an external dry clutch to the left side of the bike. He has worked the motor to the point where, like a real factory bike, it runs on methanol. He has built a bike for the kids far superior to anything else available anywhere else in the world and the kids dads can't see the benefits. I had to share this with you because I, like my mate, can't get get our heads around the thinking of the people who should be wanting this type of machinery for their kids.


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    I always have like watching speedway racing on TV. I suspect that there is no brakes on bike. I would bet that with a 125cc engine these things will really fly, and would be quite outrageous for a novice to ride......:D