Softail rear turnsignal bolt broke

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by jbhunter, Apr 10, 2011.

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    Hi I recently bought a used 2005 softtail springer and noticed that the rear left turn signal was a little loose. After doing a little investigating and head scratching I have determined that the bolt or stud that threads into the signal housing is broke off. These are the bullet style and I believe are the original. I have a manual from harley but they do not look like the description in the book. The closest one I have found that looks like them are the relocation kit. Any way my question is can you just replace the bolt that the wires run through or do I need a whole new light. It would be alot easier if harley would list there oem parts and prices to the public so I could just call the HD parts guy and order.
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    jbhunter welcome to the forum. Along with the HD service manual you can also purchase the HD parts manual part # 99455-05C and it should give you the exact information you are looking for - minus the prices.

    I would suggest getting the Service, Parts and Electrical manuals for your bike if you plan on doing your own repairs and service, good investment in the long run.

    Hope you enjoy the forum, lots of good folks here with tons of information at your fingertips.
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    He has the bullet style that is bolted thru the rear hole in the strut.
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    It is probably a hollow threaded tube. Would need a new turn signal if that is the case, unless the threaded tube can come out and be replaced. Maybe Ace or another well stocked hardware store?
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    You may also check J P catalog you can probably get the replacement kit cheap, may also check Jireh catalog
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    Thanks for the help. I ordered a used set on ebay figured I'd have spare parts. Its 50 miles to the Harley dealer and with gass prices it would be an expensive trip. And you can't go to the shop and just buy one thing anyway.