So when buying USED?

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    I have been pondering a few questions about whether to buy used or not. I know the upside to buying used is the possibility of getting a great deal on a bike with a lot of extras, or someone's need for cash ASAP and getting a good price.
    But what is it that you would look for in a used bike?
    How many miles are too many, if any?
    what are some of the key things to look at?
    What do you consider when the person has put extra's on?
    Are there extra's that you would consider staying away from unless there is a Dealer work slip? Reason?

    I guess my worry is buying a used bike that yeah they put those V&H pipes on but didn't do this to compensate for that etc, etc.
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    I would say that most Harley owners take good care of thier bikes, you will notice who has and has not taken care of thier bikes when you go and see one. I myself think that some guys are way overboard when they are selling thier bikes, some guys just think these bikes hold thier value forever. You will know just by shopping when you come across a good deal. Look on Ebay.. I would look for something with anywhere from 5K to 10K. Make sure the bike had the 1K, 5K and 10K services. Just like anything else check for leaks, dings, clutch, electrical and smoke, If your serious have one checked by a dealer. Some guys may pay to have the bike serviced or already have it serviced with the paper work, just to help the sale. Good luck there are lots of deals out there..
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    Sure you can get a good deal on a used ride. There is something about being the "only" rider. Kinda like a ol lady, lots of deals on used women too. hehehehe. I think it ius worth the price for a new ride if you plan on keepin it. No offense as my first HD was used as well. Sure like having my own.

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    Buying a used Harley is also a matter of many factors, budget, associated costs of ownership and maintenance, etc...and lest we forget, your experience and personal commitment to the motorcycling community.

    Motorcyling is inherently a dangerous sport; you must accept the responsibilities and risk associated with how much personal time to devote, and family must also agree...because it could be a life long experience.

    Given that, a used 883 or 1000 Harley would be a good investment, they hold their resale value and there are good deals available with minimum amount of cost and physical effort to work up your emotions over time to rationally assess whether the next bike will be used or new. For all we know, you may suddenly want to go all vintage Harley and never opt for new because there is a big restoration market as well, look over the thread about a fellow rider picking up serial #0003 Anniversary Edition, so a used bike is probably your best bet...but do follow Gliders' lead and look over the links regarding buying used.

    Good luck on your search...I have been riding for years and only a couple of weeks ago picked up my first used Harley, and I am probably now a life long Harley rider; though I still love my UJM sportbike aka metric rice burner so it is not necesarily the hardware you buy that makes you a motorcyclist / enthusiast.:p
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    One more tip, ask where they have it serviced, take the VIN and call up HD to verify the services that have been done.

    In general you can tell someone that has cared for their bike, but also notice you can buy a lot of few year old Harley's with very low mileage. In general, my thought when I bought used was that I was saving about 2K, off the KBB price, got about 2-3K worth of add-ons and anything that went wrong with the bike initially would just getting me to where the bike was actually worth.

    I agree, do not go with a bike with Engine mods.
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    Ditto to all of the above
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    I bought a Harley Finance Repo thru Manheim auctions---site unseen--based on their evaluation, 07 FXD 600 miles, $9.000.00, by the time it got to my home in Canada it was a hair over $12,000. the only problem is the wheeels have stains on the rims, having problems pollishing off---runs great, price is about $4/5 thou less than used from the Canadian dealers

    Even has a paid up warranty until June 09
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    Take pictures, get reciepts,carfax it.Then ask Glider..
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    Why ask me? :laugh

    I'm a salespersons nightmare. They go home with a headache after selling me something.