So Proud but So Surreal

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    ( i'm rambling in thought here, bear with me)

    His first day out of Camp Leatherneck on patrol, his first fire fight. He's my nephew but also fellow Harley Rider, a Brother in Christ but first a Marine.

    My God, he's just a kid. Most of them are. Sure, I pray for them all, but this just brings it all home. He's back out on patrol again now. I cant imagine what my brother and his wife are going through ( his parents). It has me totally wrecked knowing that this kid, once as tall as a weed, is now out there fighting for our protection.

    God Bless you folks that have kids, family and friends over there or have had them there before. I have an instant new respect for YOU and yours. I humbly offer my sincere apologies, for not realizing what you have or are going through right now. I never realized what it would be like sitting home and This puts a whole new perspective on everything.

    His roommate was shot during the first fight, they all made it out. 3rd day, back on patrol, 5th day...back out again. Innocence lost.

    Always have been proud of him...hard to fathom that I am sitting here in the protection of my cozy house. Knowing that these hard core, able bodied Marines that we all brought up at one time or another, are out there sacrificing it all for us.

    God Bless Them All.

    Throw a Prayer out there when you think about them. And THANK YOU all that have already been or are going through this.

    A new reality has hit me. As I type this, I am Praying with and for you.

    Ya'll have a great night. Be safe.
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    very well written and we know it comes from the heart. i truly believe it means a lot to all of us....thanks for posting this the way you did
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    My Oldest Nephew graduates from Parris Island on Jan. 4th. I couldn't be more proud of him! My most Heartfelt "Thank You" goes out to those that serve our country, and to those that have served.

    Thank You, Very Much!
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    Prayers go out for a safe return for all those serving, and their families. Be comforted knowing the soldiers and Marines on those patrols have great tactical leadership and training.