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    Last week I had to get to Dublin for a work thing and due to the Icelandic volcano - all flights were grounded, so I jumped on the Sporty and made a dash for the coast and the ferry. I wrote about this impromptu long (for me :D) ride in my thread "Icelandic Volcano". Wales is a very small and very beautiful country with many locations of stunning beauty and unpronounceable names. In my sprint for the ferry the camera had to stay wedged in my pocket.

    But today I got the 8.20am ferry from Dublin to Holyhead to return my beloved Harley to England and home. I decided to skip the motorway route which is the fastest way time-wise but misses much of the scenary.

    It was a beautiful run along really excellent country roads full of twists and turns. It was meant to rain but it stayed fine although there was a really strong gusting wind which blew me about a few times.

    I took some photographs but had to leave most of it unrecorded because I couldn't keep stopping!

    The placenames are incredibly difficult to pronounce for a non-Welsh speaker - they look like the efforts of an almost passed out drunkard to play Scrabble :newsmile100::newsmile100:.

    The first photo is leaving Ireland behind (it's raing funnily enough :D)
    The others are as I travelled up and into Snowdonia National Park - there was still some snow on the hilltops which is rare in Britain this time of the year.....

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    Beautiful scenery, someday I may come for a visit.
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    The next photographs are of more of the beautiful Welsh mountains and where I stopped for fuel in the pretty town of Betws y Coed (pronounced Bettus eee Co-ed). Sorry about the resolution - the iPhone camera is the weakest link!

    There's a lovely story a Welsh rugby pal of mine told me:

    Two English gentlemen were on a walking holiday in Wales. They arrived at the beautiful little village of Llanfydrhoghlysfanwydllandoglechlwsfynllenigoch. These two very posh gents began to argue about how to pronounce this lengthy handle and could not agree. As it was lunchtime they decided to get some food. Their argueing and debating continued and as they were being served by a very pretty waitress, they decided to get a local to settle the matter.

    "Young lady" one of them said in a terribly posh accent, "Would you please say where we are in a very slow way so that we can repeat it".

    Without hesitation, the pretty Welsh waitress leaned forward and said in a beautiful lilting Welsh accent:


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    I think i may have walked over a lot of those hills as when i was a junior soldier we went to wales to do adveturous training = 1 day rock climbing, 1 day canoeing the rest of the time was hill walking
    as to snow it was snowing here last week and im on the coast
    but that is the type of roads i like to ride and the sportster was just made for them

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    We're all a trustworthy mob here Hobbit - no one will cheat :D :D

    Isn't it the famous arts festival where they play music, recite poetry and drink a few beers on the side? The Ystdydfod or something like that?:)
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    Oh well - proves I didn't cheat :D
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    I love Ireland: I went there for work and for holidays and the landscapes are magnificent.
    Regarding Wales, never been there, but I heard that is a wonderful place, with many lonely castles and manors.

    One day I have to plan a trip to the British Isles.

    Only cons is that you drive on the wrong side of the road!!!


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    Thanks for the pictures. I'll probably never get there.
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    Never say never Jaceddie! But the world is a big beautiful place and I'd truly love the time, health and resources to see them all.... never mind! Enjoy what you do see and always ride safe :D
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    CedarBrook, thank you for the nice pix...kinda laughing at the picture below...why is he parked on the wrong side of the road with the headlight on...and the sigh is facing the other way? Just kidding, I hope someday to make it there so I can ride on the left and feel a bit more like an "outlaw"...:newsmile100: