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    just wanted to know if anyone has been having trouble with main fairing brackets breaking on a 2006 classic. i have broke three and replaced one now it's broken i've had them welded but they still keep snapping out at the top end where it bolts to the top of the faring.totally lost on this, everything lines up when it goes together , no forcing to get it into place.......
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    I have an '03 Ultra Classic, but I have no idea what you are referring to. Do you have a page out of your manual or a pix you can post to show what the problem is?

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    I know that your post was a long time ago, but for the others that may come across this I thought that I'd add my 2 cents.
    In the service manual (mine is #99483-06 Touring Models), you can see the fairing brackets on pages 8-134 and 8-135. Also on other pages that are about the radio, speakers, and interconnect harness. I'm also dealing with the problem with these brackets being broken, as was a friend of mine with the 06 FLHX. Looking at the pics that show the backside of the speedo and the tach, to the left and the right you will see a bolt screwed through a half moon shaped piece. This bracket also supports the stereo. That is the end that is commonly broken on these long and odd shaped brackets.
    Being a welder, fabricator, and Mechanical Tech, I'm going to test a fix to the failed design. When that bracket is being formed it's bent into an "L" shape like a piece of angle iron to add support to the odd profile of the part. Then the half moon end is bent 90 degrees to form the mounting tab on the top end of the bracket. The lower edge of the tab should have been welded to the main body of the bracket to better support that tab. After the vibration fatigues the metal enough to brake it has been comprimised and just welding isn't going to last. It should also be braced with a gusset. I'm ready to install one fixed bracket and then fix the other side. I'll add a pic soon to show how I've boxed the end for support. With luck it'll solve the issue.

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    I think there was another thread where the rider made some bolt-on angle iron brackets to supplement the existing bracket design, but certainly many will be interested in the design you come up with. Try looking in the SEARCH tab near the top of this page and type in keywords like broken fairing bracket...
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    I've read abut the fairing bracket problem on this and other forums. What are the symptoms of a broken bracket? Vibration/movement of the fairing, or is it usually discovered when you are inside the fairing for another reason? Thanks
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    They have up dated brackets now. My buddy had the same thing happening , after 3 brackets they found theres a up dated one. Good luck:s
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    usually when it breaks you'll hear a snap like a small stone hitting the fairing then as you slow down or sit at an idle you'll get a lot more shaking than usual on the fairing and as you are riding you'll notice you windsheid has more vibration on it also. anyway thanks for the info i'll try to get the new heavier brackets