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    I posted the question about only putting on slip-on pipes some time ago. The reply was that if only slip-ons were installed there were no other performance or modifcations needed. I was going to buy the rush slip-on mufflers. Now I'm reading that it's better if you install the power package that includes the PC111 and air filter. Do I still need to do this?
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    I put a set of Rush slip ons on my 07 RK ,Got them from the hd dealer. He told me I didn't have to do any thing else. Only thing he suggested was to put a 175 baffle on the left and a 225 on the right side for better performance, which I did. Maybe if you went with the 250 baffles or none at all you might have to change something.
  3. Any modification to the air coming in, air leaving, or fuel/air mixture, demands a change in the others.
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    The concensus is that if you only do one "end", either the exhaust or intake, you don't "need" to make any other changes. Bike will run even leaner than stock but not to the point where you're damaging anything.

    If your goal is increased performance or you want to tweak the air/fuel ratio to cool your bike down some, then you will want to add a fuel controller. Many to choose from - do a quick search and you'll find several threads dealing with this.
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    I guess it depends on the year, I know the 07s have o2 sensors in the exhaust pipes and the computor compensates to a degree.
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    My understanding is that the stock ECM can generally compensate for slip-ons (though you will still be running at the EPA mandated lean fuel mixture... 14.7:1 if I remember correctly.) Generally a new hi-flow breather has a larger impact on mixture and the stock ECM cannot compensate.

    So, if you just want the sound and are not interested in increased performance, no tuner should be required.