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Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by Billbo, Jul 12, 2010.

  1. Billbo

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    I am in the market for a nice sissybar bag (luggage) -- fairly large - about the size of a Heritage saddle bag. I can find them on the internet in leather from like $50 to $350. and in nylon or canvass for about the same prices. I want one to look good or even match with the bags on my Heritage - conchos, studs, etc. Anyone familar with the Jafrum brand?
    How about Tourmaster?

    (my own EDIT here - I know there are as many choices on the internet as Carter's has little liver pills - but thought I'd ask anyway.)

    Any thoughts on sissybar baggage - brand - materials - sizes - to get or to shy away from???

  2. Charlies Harley

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    I picked up a bag last trip to California made by Saddlemen. Just so happens it's advertised in Aug edition ot American Iron magazine. Anyways it was a couple of hundred bucks and I am more than happy with it easy on and off, holds lots and has a couple of handy pockets for glasses, cell phone, etc. Check it out
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    Hope it is not against the rules to post links to sales places. I just got an email from J&P. The Küryakyn® Gran Tour Bag is on sale for $189, so the price is right. They have a couple of ways to attach it to the bike, with my personal favorite being wrapped to the back pad on the pillion sitting on the rear luggage rack. I would have already ordered it, but the wife gave me that look that said enough had been spent on the bike for this summer.

    K GranTour Bag
  5. glider

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    Order it anyway! :bigsmiley20:
  6. grappleman

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    i just got the grand tour bag and it is great. a little bulky for day or just one night trips, but i really like the way it mounts and it very stable. the price is much more reasonable at amazon. i believe mine got to my door for 138. great bag for that price. The only area i see lacking in strength is the rain cover. don't think it will hold up, but that is rather minor for what i consider a well made bag.
  7. BlackG30

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    A big, wheeled Saddleman bag, good looking in my Heritage, so well built for bikers and especially for HD. IDEAL for mid nag long trips
  8. Billbo

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    Thanks to all who responded. I have not bought anything yet - but am surely liking that Tour Bag by K..... (sp) The Saddleman looks more like what I would put on my Heritage tho.

  9. Plummie09

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    I know this is an old post, but I wondered if anyone had any additional comments on this K-grand tour bag. I just ordered it and am hoping it won't be too big. Has it held up pretty well? Besides the rain cover that is. :) Does it do ok as far as back support when used sitting on the rider's seat? I should have it in a few days and just wondered if it was a good purchase. I did find a good price on it that wasn't from the manufacturer's web site. $139.
  10. bcortani

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    I have the T-Bags sissy bar luggage bag and love it. It secures nicely to the bar and rack and although is of the Denier (or whatever the material is called) is very durable, well engineered and roomy enough that the last few trips my wife and I took, we did not even need to pack into our saddlebags...