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  1. geezer

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    I see Bubbie hit 1800 posts and is a community guru now. CONGRATULATIONS Bubbie!! Do we have to call you Sir Bubbie now? You have given out a great deal of excellent information and advice over all those posts and I want to say THANK-YOU for all the help you've given me and the forum so freely over the years. And now you're being courted by another forum so what will it take to keep you here. If I was in a position of power I'd double your wages or will the new title be enough?
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  2. glider

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    I'll second that "Sir Bubbie" or should I say "SIGNED Sir Bubbie". :D

    I don't think there's a prayer that Bubbie will leave the forum for a "chat room."

    It must be rough to be in demand like you are!:lolrolling
  3. bonsi57

    bonsi57 Active Member

    Congratulations and thanks all in one reply.
  4. Jack Klarich

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    Bubbie aint going Nowhere, he knows he is respected and is a great contributor here, And where else can he get free Pork Chops from The Boss, Congrats Bubbie and heres to you:cheers Thank You for your friend ship and knowledge, Capital Jack:s
  5. HDDon

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    I've been following this and I'm confused. Are you guys talking about some other Bubbie or the stright forward down to earth Bubbie that gives great answers and easy to follow instructions? The Bubbie I'm talking about works for Pork Chops not titles. Bubbie are you out there waiting for a better title or are you reading these posts and ROFL?

    Signed HDDon

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    THANKS ALL... This is the Most Fun and best served sited on the web.

    As far as other sites go, some are Good BUT they don't have that personal touch that Glider has built into this one. Thanks Glider.

    If It wasn't for Glider and all the Knowledgeable Members and Moderators here I doubt if I would of stayed as long as I have.

    If I didn't find Glider here when I first came in, I would of Probably not stayed..

    Gliders VAST knowledge and information, given Freely, and set up by his hand ON HDT, made this site the place to use.

    I came to this site and Found the rules, especially Language, to be EASY to follow... I'm NO Preacher but like to Keep a Clean Mind on the keyboard..

    I never Need to Swear at my bike or another to try to solve the problems.. OH, maybe under my breath..

    I REALLY like my New Title,,,, GURU,,,,, and the BIG Bonus that comes with it. I will receive it on my Next pay-check from ... Thanks

    So don't get carried away with the Other Titles,,, I don't want to become too famous (falsely deserved).

    I DON'T plan to leave here(.) and This place Here is the Best for Me.(.)

    The Other place (site) Doesn't Interest me.(.) No honesty nor goodwill over there.(.)

    This site has always Shown their HONEST Feelings to me.

    I don't feel I have to KISS-Up to the "Ring Hand"...

    I always have been made to feel Comfortable here and Felt on the Same Level regardless of Title of the Members or Moderators. (Thank you)

    This is important for the New Members coming up the ladder of time.
    To hear from me,,, It doesn't get any better here Unless YOU make it Better. And You Can..

    Thanks for the "Acknowledgment" IT does Make Me FEEL GOOD...


    Post note:
    as far as Hitting the 1800 level on Posting,,, That is the smaller number part....

    I would be around 6800 or so if I could count all my Helpful PM's i have sent out..

    A lot of time I do send a PM that May help solve a problem for a member.

    It's better NOT shown on a thread to Bore all the members who don't want to read the same old thing from signed....BUBBIE Again.

    You guys that have received those long PM's from me,,,, I only Hope they Helped.
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  7. geezer

    geezer Senior Member Contributor

    Great to see you want to stay, I never doubted it. I know you want to catch up and top Glider's post count.

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    Sir BUBBIE of Washington...may you have many more entertaining and inspiring posts. Do keep up the good work...Glider will probably be by to give you his famous Pork Chop award...:p Hungry...?
  9. fin_676

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    Sir Bubbie a good mark of respect that was well earned by giving time and experience to all the members of the forum

  10. Bodeen

    Bodeen Well-Known Member Staff Member Moderator Contributor

    Nice work and contribution, Bubbie. You are an asset here and its people like you that keep others coming back.