Side stand problem?

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by cdn-bigfoot, Jun 4, 2008.

  1. cdn-bigfoot

    cdn-bigfoot Junior Member

    I have a 2006 Street Bob.

    Does anyone else have trouble with their kickstand?
    Mine doesn't come past 90 degrees from the frame.
    I have to be extra, extra, extra cautious when leaning my bike onto stand or it comes off the stand. Dropped it onto my other bike once.
    And there's NO WAY I would ever trust it if the bikes nose is pointing downhill the slightest bit.

    Is there an adjustment?
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  2. glider

    glider Veteran Member

    Should be a tab that locks it down when the bike weight is on it.
  3. dynarider

    dynarider Member

    The sidestand should extend the 90 degrees, and rock upwards when weight is applied. The tab then locks it from retracting should the bike move forward.

    Incidentally I always park in gear. I saw a poll once with a surprising number of people who park in neutral. While that is not incorrect, I just never do it.
  4. gunnut

    gunnut Junior Member

    I have no problems with mine exept it does bang around a bit over bumps and stuff,but If the spring was any stronger I probably wouldnt be able to pull it down with my foot!:bigsmiley24:
  5. dangerdan

    dangerdan Junior Member

    Verify that the nut holding the kick stand and the locking tab are not loose.

    Check the locking tab and that part of the Jiffy stand that holds the locking tab are not bent of of shape .

    I had problems with my jiffy stand. Being a newbie I took it it off my bike , took it to the HD dealer and asked what was wrong...
    All it cost me was a new spring..

    Ps: I didnt have a jack, so I strapped the bike to the garage rafters.

    When the bike is vertical there is very little pressure to the rafters, therfore was not worried about all that suspended weight.
  6. irishwolf

    irishwolf Member

    My kickstand was rattling about,so i tightened the bolt which solved the loose problem,then i found my kickstand wouldnt lock,so then loosened the bolt and everything is fine now.