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  1. rkrdr2

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    Anyone ever have shoulder surgery? I had my right shoulder operated on 12weeks ago and I still only have about 1/2 the range of motion back and they are not even talking about strength training until I can get more range out of it...DR. saying another 10/12 weeks,said I had a lot of damage and everyone heals at a different pace...Sure am glad it's not riding season in Chicago right now or I would probably be on suicide watch...:bigsmiley29:
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    Hi, I had a torn rotator cuff repaired about 13 years ago. spent about 6 months in rehab and only regained about 90 to 95% of motion range and about the same in strength. I still suffer pain from over usage like swinging a hammer or on long rides (450 + miles) into strong head winds.

    You will have a lot of pain and frustration but hang in and do all the work, it gets better with each day. (Don't rush it)
    Hope you have a full recovery and are soon back on the bike.
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    I think that anytime you have a surgery like that or comparable you'd better figure on a year +a few months for it to completely heal, ofcourse depending on your age.
    I had my appendix out in 9/08 and had the dickens of a time with it. The inguinal nerve got tweeked somehow and I had to go to pain managment and all of that, plus cortisone injections plus radio frequency.
    Been now almost 17 months and just starting to get to feel right, but still have pain in my abdomen from time to time if I over do it.
    It sucks gettn' old.. Just don't heal like we used to. Best of luck.
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    I had my shoulder done about 10 years ago. It was a repair to the rotator cuff and was done arthroscopic. Messed it up after 35 years of racquetball. Doing great now. My Wife had a bad fall and broke her shoulder really bad. Even before she had her surgery, it locked up and she couldn't move it at all. After surgery, she went through physical therapy and the therapist said that she was going to hate him, and then love him. She suffered horribly doing therapy, but today she has about 90 Per cent use of her shoulder. And yes, she loves her therapist. Hang in there, and good luck.
  5. PaPa T

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    Have had surgery on both shoulders. After they tortured me in therapy all went well. had torn rotor cuff on both over the past 4 years. Second one took alittle longer but they started therapy 2 weeks after surgery and have full range of motion and strength. Best exercise was to stand next to wall and walk my hand up the wall and stretched my arm. Painful for awhile but works. Now have to have surgery again in Feb to scrap alot of ol arther out of joint. Not looking forward to it but know I'll be better off. Good luck and hang in there it will get better.:)
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    I had a torn rotator cuff fixed and bone spurs removed from my right shoulder about 12 years ago. After the rehab I was back to 95% range of motion and 100% strength. I have not had any issues with it since the recovery. Now the spine surgeries are a different story, I always have the constant reminders that I have had them due to the titanium plate and scars.
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    I just had my shoulder scoped in December and enjoy reading the replies from all of you. I had torn cartalidge, torn bicep and a bone spur fixed. I'm in my 6th week of recovery and have concerns that my shoulder is not coming along fast enough. Like you, my mobility is about half of what it was and I have very limited strength. I was going crazy the first couple of weeks and have since used my bike as my motivation to do therapy and get well...sort of played with the psychology a bit. This past weekend was nice and I was itching to ride when I saw all the bikes around town. I went straight home and manage to roll the bike onto the driveway and washed it...that may have made it tougher, but at least I was near my baby! Thanks again to those of you who posted your experiences...very helpful!
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    Hope for a fast healing. Riding season will be here before you know it.
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    Thanks for the replies everyone,the word's of encouragement goes a long way.Reading that a lot of you guy's have been down this road and made it back is good inspiration...My therapist keeps telling me to be patient it will get there...I started calling her the Princess of pain!!
  10. Joyflyin

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    My husband had the rotator cuff & bone spurs removed 3 1/2 years ago & it took him 8-10 months to get back to 'normal'. Believe it or not, his best form of therapy was painting our house in WV with a 2" paint brush. He was not happy about the rotator cuff, they didn't know that was torn until they got in there. In the beginning, he wouldn't recommend the surgery, but after he got the use back, he's glad he did it. It is just a long recovery process.