Should I use RedLine oil in my 94 Heritage Primary

Discussion in 'Transmission' started by Ahhhhh, Aug 1, 2011.

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    I'm getting different opinions about using RedLines primary oil in my 94 Heritage. I used their transmission oil and it did what it said with quieting down the transmission.But several people I asked said not to use synthetic in the primary.It would cause slippage.Opinions?

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    On My Last recent bike I used Redline MTL in the primary from almost day one.. First changed out at 500 miles and MTL from then on..(same thing as Primary Lube by Redline)

    I had the STOCK clutch in my 2000 FXDS Over 105 hp & tq.. Big anyway you look at it.

    Even installed a rev-tech 6 speed and all that on the Original Clutch .. No problems when traded off for the 09 FLHR in aug. of 09...

    OH Yes, I had 117,000 miles on that bike and three different engine builds each one bigger than the other... NO clutch problems...

    Redline Products are My favorite..

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    Great info in primary lube poll (link below)

    Primary Lube Poll - Harley Davidson Community

    Heard good things on Redline MTL but haven't run it in my Heritage. I've used Formula + in my primary but getting ready to switch to Spectro primary fluid (I use Spectro Platinum GL-5 tranny fluid and got Spectro primary fluid just because I was at Indy that sells Spectro fluids. Saved me a trip). Happy with formula + but was at Spectro dealer so thought I'd try it.