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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Backroad Rider, Feb 2, 2010.

  1. Backroad Rider

    Backroad Rider Active Member

    Ok, so I've got an 09 Classic and a friend keeps suggesting that I change the windshield from the factory tall to the shorter version...I like the protection from rain and cold with the factory, so I'm curious as to the pros and cons of the shorter version.
    Any feedback will be appreciated.
  2. Dr. Dolittle

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    I'm assuming by shorter that your friends are like the majority of us and are talking about whether or not you are looking over or through your windshield.

    There have been several discussions about this topic and I feel like the vast majority are in agreement that you should be looking just over the top of a proper height shield. This will still deflect wind and rain up over your head but not present the hazards of reduced visibility due to fog or rain if you are actually looking through the shield.
  3. oldhippie

    oldhippie Senior Member

    Pros: Better visibility looking over the shield. More airflow for helmet venting. Bugs (usually) still get diverted over your forehead.:)

    Cons: The passenger has less protection from the wind. If too low, driver has more wind buffeting. Greater chance of hard projectiles hitting your face; especially eyes and forehead.:56:

    I went with a Cee Baileys 9" but probably should have went an inch taller.

    BOBFLHTC Active Member

    For years I used to look through but several years ago I had to drive all day through the rain and the visibility was terrible. It was like driving a car without the wipers working so I look over now.
  5. hoggy25

    hoggy25 Active Member

    I've had both looking through and looking over. I perfer looking through. When I get caught in rain instead of trying to look over I look around to the side which blows the water off my faceshield. I ride with a 3/4 helmet that has a pull down faceshield. Been riding about 45 years and about 5 or 6 years ago got that kind of helmet. Always wore a beany or 1/2 helmet until than. Of course if I got to ride without a helmet I might change my mind but as I've gotten older I actually perfer one except while putting around in parks etc when it's hot and I'm getting on and off allot for taking photos.
  6. Dr. Dolittle

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    Remember, it's only "apples to apples" if you ride them each in identical weather conditions!
  7. bikemikewcr

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    When I bought my bike it had the 4 inch installed but also came with the stock windshield. When the weather got cooler I put the stock one on and I can tell you that I felt like I was riding in a cage with the stocker. This was great in the cooler weather but in the summer I feel that I may want a bit more air flow. Granted the 4 inch one is a bit small for most (I am 6 foot 4 inches tall) it really is useless for me but looks good. I am about to put a 8.5 inch Klock Werks flare on the bike to see how that works. Since it has been 19 degrees on the average where I live for the past 5 days I will not get to test ride the new windshield anytime soon but am looking forward to doing so.

    All said and done, you need to think about what you want as for as comfort goes while you are riding. IMO short looks better but is not nearly as functional.

  8. Backroad Rider

    Backroad Rider Active Member

    Thanks all for the input, lots of great info, think for now will stick with stock but as warmer weather arrives perhaps I'll try the shorter one to see what it's like.....Be safe all
  9. Iceman24

    Iceman24 Well-Known Member

    BR; there's probably more "Cons" w/the shorter w/s - especially w/wind flow. Rode my 09 SG for ~100 miles before saying "enough" w/the buffeting, bugs, rocks...etc. Ended up getting taller shield (8.5" Klock Werks) & it's night & day better than the stock 3" SG one. Of course, depends on the individual & you're the one who decides likes/dis-likes.
  10. DEP47

    DEP47 Member

    I ride and 09 Ultra, and in the warmer months I use a 10" half moon that I look over. Much better viability in the rain and at night. During the really cold month I ride a 13" half moon that I look through. Warmer, but not good for the rain.