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  1. Tumbleweed67

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    2007 Ultra seems like bottoming out when 2 up. Adjusted air shocks up and can't seem to find spot between bottoming out and no shock cushion at all. Anyone have any suggestions on other shocks?? All help is appreciated.
  2. hogrotten

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    Welcome to the forum, I have the same dissatisfaction with my HD shocks. I've been looking at the Progressive 940 series they seem to get good reviews. :s
  3. Webbtron

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    I bought the Progressive 440 in Rapid City, SD, I love them the are totally adjustable with your hand. They have a red dot to keep the sides in sync. My Bike would not bottom out but kept wanting to come up in the apex of the curve, which I thought was me but after a year and a half I was convinced it was mechanical. This shock took all that out and I can corner with the bike under me, even if I have to reduce speed. Very happy but they were not cheap $635. I am running at about 2¾ turns of preload. The nice thing about doing this at a company trailer you get a lot of info that you would not get in any other way, and they install them so they do the measuring etc.