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  1. rdlee

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    anyone know what the average shipping price is from florida to england ???? and what tax has to be paid import etc
  2. SledDog

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    What are ya shipping? A vintage bike perhaps?
  3. TBrenan

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    From Vancouver BC to England via sea container, (2 years ago) $800.00 CDN this thru a common carrier time was not an issue, so it took over 2 months--- Evergreen is a container carrier that hits every stop between here and everywhere, other wise I can ship to Italy for $2000.00 CDN, delivery under a month.

    Check any Brit publication that includes antique/classic cars there are many shipping company's/brokers listed

    As to taxes you will probably have to pay the Inland Revenue the VAt tax on purchase price if you are shipping your bike to ride
    you will probably have to pay port taxes go on line Google "Inland Revenue" and search for the costs

    Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. rdlee

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    thanks for info guys :) i am looking to import a bike and maybe a mustang next summer i will check this info out. inland revenue forgot about them thought it was only customs tax . the guy who i have been mailing is going to juggle the figures somehow he said so i get a good deal