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Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by Billua, Jan 5, 2011.

  1. Billua

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    I am wondering how much it might cost to ship my FLSTC to Germany.

    I know about HOG and some of the recommended shippers, but I am wondering if any of you have a real world experience to share regarding the process and cost. PM's are fin if you are more comfortable.

    I would like to ship my bike to Munich for the summer.

  2. ultra...good

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    To Munich just for the summer? If you know someone in the military, that is your best bet. They pay no taxes and the rates are about as low as you can find. If not, it will be expensive to do, might be better renting one.........
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    If you will be staying there for an extended time, you might want to look at buying a bike there. My husband looked into shipping a bike to Fiji for 6 months, and it was within $1500 of what it would cost to buy a bike there. That was just to get it there, not getting it back to the U.S.

    He bought a bike, rode it while he was there and sold it prior to leaving the country. I will add that he did not buy a Harley as there were very limited paved roads and a lot of the riding was on dirt and gravel.

    Fiji is considered a 'moderately developed' third world country and there were only a few Harley's on the island. There is a main road around the island that is paved and a few roads in the towns that are paved. Otherwise, the roads were gravel or dirt. Just because it is labeled with a 'HWY' on the map does not necessarily mean it will be paved. :s
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    Ultra and Joy, thanks for the comments.. I am aware of rental costs etc..

    I am really figuring this will be a one way trip for my beloved softail. It will be kept at the FIL's house ( Big Time HD rider ) along side his EG.

    My wife and I get over here a few times a year. In fact, I am in Munchen as I type this.

    I figure if I ship the softail over here, I will be justified in buying a 2013 Street Glide back in LAS when they come out. :D

  5. R. Lewis

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