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Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by jarrod76, Mar 19, 2011.

  1. jarrod76

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    it is hard to shift out of first gear and so on through all gears, just wondering if this is a clutch adjustment or bigger problem. 2003 883 sportster with 19000 miles.
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    Always start with the easiest things. Perform clutch adjustment, and/or change trans oil if have not been changed for awhile.
  3. jarrod76

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    i just got it and dont know much history on it and was afraid i may have more expensive prob than a simple adjustment
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    As the sportster shares the oil between the primary and the gearbox a fit for purpose oil needs to be used
    if previous owner has pit a gearbox oil in the sportster then that would promote heavy shifting due to the extra drag on the clutch
    i tend to use hd formula + and your bike should take 1 quart
    change the oil and run it for 50 miles or so to get the oil warmed up and the residual thicker stuff if it has been there should be diluted by the good oil


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    Brian gave you good advice..

    Also Where Does the Clutch start to grab when you leave it out in first gear.. Using the handle bar as "0" .. If your answer is Right away,,,, IT is the problem you are looking for.. New(used) Bike to ME would mean All oil and filter changed.. Clutch adjustment along with the clutch cable adjusted properly...

    I would Use Formal+ in the "primary-clutch-tranny" (one Hole) and a good Full synthetic 20/50 in the engine (other Hole).. Make sure it is the RIGHT oil filter for that Sporty.... A TC filter will damage the engine if used by Mistake..