shifter return spring possibly broken, advice please!

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    I’m having an issue and wanted some advice from you all.

    I purchased a 2007 Sportster on July 30 2011, had 900 miles on it.
    It has been running great, it now has slightly over 5000 miles on it and just recently, I believe that the shifter return shaft spring is not working/broken. I can shift into each gear but the shifter does not return to its “neutral position “ as it waits for me to shift up or down next. It just stays in the up position. I have to use my foot to return it to this position until I’m ready to up or down shift.

    Just changed the motor oil (unrelated) and am about to change the transmission oil until this occurred. I’ve adjusted my clutch; checked transmission fluid level, and chain tension per research done on this and other websites. All OK, nothing helped. My gut says it is this spring failing to return the shifter into the appropriate position. What else could it be?

    I’m unsure what to do next.

    To replace that return spring (probably an inexpensive spring) seems to be labor intensive, though I’m mechanically incline, removing the engine and disassembling (splitting) the crankcase, and removing the top end assembly (all according to the repair manual) may be beyond my abilities; also I don’t have any special tools that may be required.

    Have any one else heard of this spring breaking this soon (5000 miles) or other reason this would occur? Any details/suggestions you can provide would be great!

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    Problem solved.
    It appears after several hours of going through things in my head and re-evaluating, it was just a ball joint not moving properly causing things to get in a bind and not shift properly. These forward control linkages was not installed by me but this could happen to anyone. I loosened it up and greased it and she shifts fine. (see picture, arrow pointing to the ball joint)

    It's a beautiful day and paradise has been restored, I think I'll go for a ride...

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    Mike sorry no one got back to you (they were probably out riding). Glad you found the problem and thanks for giving us the solution. This will help someone down the line I'm sure.