shift shaft removal?

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by harley411, Mar 7, 2011.

  1. harley411

    harley411 New Member

    once you cut off the shaft ,can the rest of the lever be removed from the back side?
  2. bwalsh22

    bwalsh22 Junior Member

    I removed my primary without cutting it. From what I saw, it needs to be removed to get the shift shaft and everything out, but someone that has actually done it, may have an idea for how to do this. If you do a search in the self help section there is guide to doing this with a hacksaw, but I believe it assumes you are leaving it in, post cutting it.
  3. raksasas

    raksasas New Member

    You cut the inside section and let it fall the the ground. There is a gab between the engine and primary; where the shifter sits. I used a sawzall to quickly cut it. Once cut.. pull the shaft out. That is all to it. Get a plug for it if you want. I think the kit came with one