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  1. Amish Hawg

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    Well, I did what I didnt need to do. I'm on vacation this week, so to burn time, I drove up to Indy and back.....(car).

    I stopped at my old Harley shop ( Southside Indy) and looked at the Street Glide. Its always been my next step. However, the Road Glide caught my eye. I ran out with my new shirts and didnt look back.

    I was in Dallas yesterday and saw it again.......and I sat on it ( RG). Then I rode it. Fireworks, angels sang, I even think the clouds parted. Momma says "lets make this happen".......Wow, what a difference. I love my RKC, but WOW.

    Now before I make this jump, I seek your input. Rather than dumping 3-5k on extras ( pipes, Fuel management, Cat cut outs, boards, etc), what can I do myself without destroying the warranty? Dealer says they have to do it all.

    Im trying to be careful so the impulse buy doesnt financially hang me. I'm going to sit for a week, just to make sure I'm mentally sure. Impulse buys can make one kick themselves sometimes.......but WOW.

    appreciate any feedback.
  2. Jack Klarich

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    As far as warranty goes, if the parts you put on not supplied or installed by them have to be proven to have caused your failures to void any warranties, that said most dealers will tell you right off a fuel management system is needed on these beasts and they are correct, tho what they want to sell you is an EPA compliant ( still too lean) Harley product JMO
  3. dbmg

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    Are you sure waiting a week is going to work??????? Vacation will be over and bike will just sit in garage and you will look at when leaving for work and wonder why did I do this. So my thought is forget about getting hung up on all the additional mods you mentioned which may deter purchase do to cost, keep bike stock, get out and ride over the remainder of your vacation get a 1,000 or so miles and you will then know when going back to work that, this has been the BEST motorcycle decision you have ever made......:s
  4. Breeze3at

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    Once you leave the parking lot, your bike does not need anything from the dealer to keep the warranty valid. But you need to keep receipts and document dates and mileage of services.
    My opinion on what to get? Ride the new thing home, enjoy every little thing about it. Then look through the catalogs and decide what you want to do to it. Change your mind 4 or 12 times, then buy and install it yourself or by anyone you choose. Repeat, as the money allows. I get/got much pleasure picking out every item on my bike. Like making Christmas last much longer.
    If something breaks, or you need warranty work the dealer must honor the warranty, or prove that some modification you made was the direct cause of a failure.
    P.S. Congratulations on the new ride, and I hate you! :lol
  5. Jeff Klarich

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    The above posts have you covered on your questions. I just wanted to chime in and say I agree, not sure a week will change anything, sometimes you gotta go with your gut. Having said that, go picker up.
  6. flipper

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    I'm with them. I got mine June 2 and have put over 1200 miles on him (should have been more by now) and am staying stock for a little while, just enjoying the new ride, although I have added a few comfort, appearance, and safety items. Performance will need to wait for a little while. Half the fun is adding to it over time, not all at once. That's the same thing I did with my Heritage.
  7. dbmg

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    Thats the joy of a new bike and leaving it stock. You may find that it is perfect just the way it is and continued riding that way will have you smiling knowing all the money you saved by trying not to make bike better than perfect...
  8. hobo55

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    AGREE. Get it now and enjoy. Mods or upgrades can come later if needed.
  9. fin_676

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    7 sleepless nights coming up i managed 3 nights one time and then i broke down

  10. anciano

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    The Moss-Magnusson Act will protect you as far as do-it-yourself maintenance is concerned, and SHOULD also cover aftermarket additions. After all, they have to prove that what you did to the bike (or added to it) caused damage. But it will be a hell of a lot easier for the MoCo to bail on the warranty in the case of damage which occurs after adding by non H-D parts. You put less-restrictive pipes on there, for example, and almost anybody would would point to that as a cause of holed pistons from too-lean condition whether it is or not.

    I would expect that the onus shifts to the owner to prove otherwise, because any reasonable person would link the non-factory mod to damage. And a lot of those shade-tree companies selling aftermarket products have no test data to confirm the safety of their product.

    If it was me I'd leave the bike OEM until the expiration of the warranty, THEN farkle the hell out of it.