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    The wife and I took a ride down to the Oregon coast last weekend and spent a few days in the Seaside area. It was a nice ride and we had a great time, but she complained quite a bit about her lower back and legs being sore. We talked a lot about how to make her more comfortable: different seat, footboard location etc. I told her I thought a big part of the problem was she is pretty much stuck in one position and can’t move around a lot. The whole time this is going on she is watching all the other bikers (and there were many) and commenting on how many women had their own rides. By the time we got home Sunday, she said she might want to learn to ride her own bike. Now, my sole purpose in life is to keep her happy:worthy, so I pulled up the class schedule for the local MSF course so she could see what was available. The short of it is, by Monday night she was in class and has now completed the course (#2 in the class I might add).
    I know I could have said all this in a lot less word and I apologize for the long post, but I am just so excited for her and extremely proud of what she has accomplished, I had to share it with you all. She is an amazing lady and I’m one lucky guy to have her.
    I’ll miss having her behind me but look forward to many mile with her beside me.
    Congratulations Janette!!!!:newsmile106:

    Tomorrow we go bike shopping!!!:rider
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    My friend let me tell you this can be a beautiful thing.Those that play together stay together.My wifes been riding with me for 17 years.Had her own ride for the last 7 years.
    3 day vacation trips are so nice.

    Heres a pic of inspiration for your better half.His and hers Streetglides.

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    Congratulations! We've been riding 2 bikes for years and it's the bomb.
    Like I've said a million times, "If the Queen is happy, the King is happy".

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    That is Great, Glad the Misses is Happy and you are Happy, Good Luck with her Bike Purchase and Ride Safe!
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    Sounds great, just think of all the trips you'll have plan'd, and hey you 2 will soon be sitting on the couch side by side on a rainy day, each with your own lap top and on this site telling us all the stories, who gets better fuel milage, who takes longer cleaning thier bike, the upgrades done, on and on:D, now if I can get my wife to do the same that would alright.

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    No worries Joel, just a little nudge to take the MSF or Riders Edge course "just to get her used to accompanying on the pillion" (my gal took it as a sort of challenge) thinking motorcyclists were a little "numb in the nogg'in" (that was her soccer mom side talking:small3d021:), but I appealed to the feminist side..."--if it were so easy why not take the written drivers test, can't be that hard for someone who knows...! She did while getting the standard auto test, and failed...(now she had to pass the riders test or she would lose her license)...the rest is history! My daughters did not talk to me for about a month...but eventually warmed up to the idea of their soccer mom becoming a biker mom. :newsmile100:
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    This situation is a bit of a double edged sword
    when riding together wife has to go first or after about 3 bends i have to stop and wait for her although when I'm following it doesn't seem that she is going slow
    so wife needs to be able to hold the route card in her head (especially if going long distance)
    I'm lucky on this one as wife is a touring coach driver and probably knows her way round Europe better than me
    Best plus point is that all money spent on a bike is on her bike never on mine

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    Congrats on getting her to ride.
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    About the same with my wife. She sees all the other females and wants her own now. She says she thinks it might be different for her being comfortable too, if she is aware of road conditions and reacts to them then just sitting on back. It's funny when I'm driving the car and she is passenger, she always tells me to slow down or watchout there. When she is driving the car (wich is most the time) she will do 90. It's a control thing I guess. She also has her own 4 wheeler and its the same when we share one if I'm driving. She is just nervous about taking the course. When she gets her nerve up she says she is going to and I'm not gonna rush her. It will be great if she completes the MSF course but I love having her as passenger too.
  10. Duffer

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    We spent the better part of Saturday at the local Dealership trying on bikes. No kidding, I think she sat on every new and used bike they had (even some metrics). When she sat on a Heritage her eyes lit up and she said "some day I want this bike but I'm not ready for it yet."
    So she has decided to take advantage of the "buy a 2009 Sportster now and trade it in a year for sometheing bigger deal". By the end of this week she will be the proud owner of a 09 XL1200L. When she gets it home I'll post some pics in a new thread.
    Thank you all for your kind words and encouragment. Hopefully Janette will becomee a part of our little family here before long.