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    A review of the self help and search window leaves me short on info.
    Got a 2008 Fat Boy w/50,000 miles.

    Previously mentioned; inner primary bearing race on the main shaft walks in. Before I bastard remove the pitted one, will simply mounting the inner case against the engine/trans show me how far to knock on the new race?

    The Starter. Riding in the hot climate of Vietnam the starter lagged often when the engine was hot. Never when cool on start up.
    Now, riding back here, its only done it a few times, but still an ugly sound, a damaging sound. But the ring gear and starter gear are in good shape. My connections have been checked multiple times, new HD Battery, and yesterday the HD shop says the starter checks out fine.

    One fellow suggests replacing with one that has more output.

    Thanks for comments.
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    Once you push the inner bearing race into place there should be 1/16" of shaft showing at the clutch end
    That info is for an evo bike but I do not think it will have changed much for later ones

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    race inside edge should be .100 to .125 in. distance from main drive gear. starter grinding may be solenoid weak