Several DTC faults and smoke

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by sumu, Sep 28, 2009.

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    I submitted the issue of missing throttle and exhaust problem (and noise) earlier. Now, when took battery of and back, the engine light stays on.
    I checked the DTC and there are P0108 (MAP sensor), P0113 (IAT sensor), P0118 (ET sensor), P0123 (TP sensor), P1353 (front cyl.) and P1356 (rear cyl.) codes on, not historical.
    Also, engine gives black smoke (rich), idling not good but runs, throttle responding now. This all started when running slow on really warm ambient.
    What could be the problem?
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    With those codes showing, best bet would be the dealer if you know one that is good and let them scan the system and check the parameters of the different sensors. Makes no sense to try to replace things with that many codes present. Itr could be anything from a bad ground to an intermittent fault in the harness or a plug in the harness.

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    Part of the problem is, it should be an unspoken "rule" to not modify anything like changing "tuner" or a/c or stage I without at least having a good baseline running bike to start. If the bike is running this ragged all the while putting on tuner, a/c, muffler stage I stuff, it can mask the original problem and compound the symptoms. What Glider is saying is that with all the diagnostic codes and sketchy descriptions of the symptoms it is a real challenge for us to troubleshoot on line.

    Because so many things have been changed, the only thing to do is go back to basics. Can you get the configuration back to where the bike was running originally? This may require you reverse your engineering a bit, but it is the only way to wrap your arms around the problem which could be something really simple like a bad/crushed connector pin, pinched wiring, even picked up some bad gas when you last filled up.
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    That's just about all the sensors, right? Got to be a problem with wiring, connector(s), or (hopefully not) the ECM itself. At least that's where I'd start.

    Pull out your wiring diagram and start tracing/checking things; any and every pertinent connection. Be very careful about sticking stuff into female connectors as you can easily cause the sockets to become misshapen, resulting in a poor connection. If this happens you'll have to disassemble the connector and reshape things as needed. Not a huge deal except for the time involved tracking it down.

    It sounds like the sensors are not getting their control voltage and the system is running in "limp home" mode as a result. The loss of power can be on either side of the circuit(s), positive or negative, and you can't rule out a problem inside the ECM itself.

    Did you say you'd jump-started the bike with your car? The car engine was not running at the time, right? Hope you didn't fry something a little...

    Also, even though it wouldn't cause an electrical problem like you evidently now have, too much pressure in the fuel rail can cause running grief just like you described.