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    So a couple years ago I decided to finally buy a brand-spankin' new bike for the first time in 40 years of riding HD. The warranty expired on 02JUN so I, naturally, wanted to buy a service manual to get her running better than the factory. How did I NOT know that we can't buy service manuals anymore? What kind of trickery is this?
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    What? :( I am a book junkie. I suppose that is HD's way of forcing people to use the dealership service more. :mad::(
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    I did find ONE on Amazon... $219... From what I can see they only make the Service Manuals available to shops...and it looks like only shops outside of the US. How can this be? Am I totally missing something?

    I really like having books rather than printing pages off.
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    The evolution of service manuals in the automotive side as I have experienced it.
    30 + yrs ago the books were over the $150.00 ea, and the previous owner bought many,
    Than it was an option of books or on a cd back in the early 90's .
    When we took over in 95 we were on cd's and updates every 6 months.
    We have been on a online subscription for probably 10 yrs now, that has constant updates and I can access our member account on any computer 24 - 7.
    My old library of service manual's still comes in handy once a yr.
    No library wants them, and the dust is thick

    I would assume MOCO implemented this yrs ago.
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    OK, well, I'm gonna need to retread my boots for this flintstone braking job... I don't wanna get anyone in trouble so I'm not going to post which shop called me back but one did and said that it is the end of their workday and he wanted to get out of the shop but he gave me a price (standard $129.95, I think I paid the same for them since at least the start of the twincams) and said he'll call me back to get my card number on Monday and ship on Tuesday.

    Anyone looking for parts or manuals by mail, PM me and I'll send you the contact if I recognize you from the forums here. I went into 4 shops in NE Tennessee, VA and NC and every one of them told me not available...I called a half dozen shops where I've had work done on bikes over the years (nobody I know was at any of them) but everyone said that we just can't buy it. God Bless the good American Soul who called me back.
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