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  1. liquid_wrench

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    I have a 2005 flhtci 2005 electra glide classic...a friend just sold his 2004 same model....he kept the service manual and ask me if I wanted it for free. Will this service manual work for my bike or should I just buy one for 2005?
  2. joel

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    I always said
    If its free its for me.
    If anything you have another book of referance to help others.
    I would think there wouldn't to many changes from 2004 to 2005.
    But without both books to compare its hard to say.
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  3. Lobo1

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    Can’t say for sure but my 2005 service manual, for my 05 FLHTCI is H D and is specific to all 2005 H D touring models. I’ll be glad to give you some info, pics etc to allow you to compare on sections of your choice.
    But like joel said, if it’s free,,,,,,,, regardless.
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