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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by dcollie3, May 12, 2009.

  1. dcollie3

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    Hi anyone know where I can get a 98 Road King Classic Manual without robbing the bank. I've seen a few on e-bay but they want as much to ship it as the cost of the manual.

    thanks, dan
  2. Gas Gauge

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    hang in there, I was led to a 2006 touring edition from this site
  3. Bubbaglide

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    Got the service and parts manual on ebay for less than the cost of one alone. Go ahead and bite the bullet and buy one. This site is great but a manual is indispensible. I use the parts manual sometimes to show me how parts fit together.

    Ride safe


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    As Smitty said, $60 from HD dealer is really not that bad, I made it up the first time just doing the fluids change and 1000 mile service, saving 75% of the price of having the dealer do the deed, with the knowledge that it was done right and helped me to get more familiar with my machine. Quite honestly, HD is like a tractor, uses fairly robust parts and plenty of old school technology. The "Official HD Manuals are the best, they are very informative and the exploded views are especially helpful when disassembling and laying out complex items...!

    No, some of their step by step stuff is lacking, but HDT members here will help you and the info in the technical sections are loaded with supplemental info to get the job done right. And MOCO really has no online customer support, which is how this website probably got started in the first place (thank you Speed and Glider), to fill a need, and answer the tough questions we rider enthusiasts who try to work on their rides. Don't forget to invest in a simple digital camera to take pictures before during and after repairs to keep track of your progress...especially if time extends beyond weekend service. And keep in touch, there is a lot of good info here, using the search tabs above, self help and specific topics of interest. Enjoy!
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    Having been working on motorcycles for many years
    the first edition i make to any motorcycle is to buy a service manual normally i buy 2 but for hd models i prefer the clymer manuals as they are better laid out and contain more detail than the official hd service manuall and are a god bit cheeper
    the hd parts list is a very important tool for me as there are no dealers in my area so all puchases of parts are done through the internet

  6. cedarbrook63

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    Bought the HD manual for my Sporty recently off internet. A pricey enough book but a cheap tool and what a fountain of knowledge for the keen-but-cautious novice. Will definitely save money in the long run. Not familiar with Clymer but wasted £15 on the Haynes manual - very poor and disappointing.
  7. Bud White

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    got to agree with smitty on this one
  8. glider

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    Me too, HD the only manual to get.