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    Hello there,
    I'm a brand new member and have some questions about tuning with the sert. I have an '04 Road King with the 95" kit with 10 1/2 - 1 forged pistons SE 257 cams, SE performance heads, roller rockers, aluminum pushrods, high flow air intake, SERT module, and SE performance mufflers (not offered by HD any more due to EPA noise regulations). The bike runs real well and has been dyno tuned 2 times averaging about 90 HP and 90 something ft./lbs of torque. I really don't think that it's living up to it's fullest potential. I was told the wye pipe on the rear cylinder is robbing me of HP. So this spring I'm going to put true dual head pipes on and re-tune. I don't think there's an HD dealer who knows how to, or will tune the bike for horse power. I was told from the beginng that it should be able to reach 100+ HP and 100ft./lbs of torque. I have the tuning program and the interface and laptop to due the tune myself but would like a few tips on what to look for. So, if anyone out there has dealt with what I'm dealing with or is a tuner, I would really appreciate some pointers.
    Thanks jjrj
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    Your numbers(90 HP and 90 something ft./lbs of torque) sound a bit weak for the parts you are running. You want to tune for torque and not HP if you want the grunt. A 2 into 1 would give you the best option as far as exhaust and the true dual really isn't the best for what you are looking for.

    The person to contact about this is Doc 1 here on the forum. He's a tuner and can advise you of what you need to do to get a better map. If you send Doc a PM, he will respond.

    Doc 1