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    anyone know how to properly determin if the fuel sending unit is junk
    on an 05 superglide. i got it out and i checked the ohms and it does read but its got some travel in it and when you wiggle the float a little bit it will act like it looses connection and gets a -0 reading then if you move it the other way it will read as normal
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    Here is an interesting article on troubleshooting sending units.
    It is an automotive article,but they are the same.
    My guess is that the reostat is shot in your sending unit,but read for testing procedures.

    Troubleshoot Fuel Gauge
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    Great article. Can the resistance be checked from the back of the fuel guage or do you have to disassemble and take the readings at the unit itself?
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    When the tank is full (float at top) the resistance should be 30.5 to 27.5 ohms. When the tank is empty (float at bottom) the resistance should be 260 to 240 ohms. Most ohm meters have ranges that are 200 ohms or 2 K. Therefore you must have your meter range in the 200 ohm when checking the full side and the 2K range when checking the empty side.

    If it acts like a loose connection, the reading would be infinity not 0. A Zero reading would be the equivalent to a short. If you really are reading Zero ohms (when in 200 ohm scale), you have a bad sender. But remember, if the meter is on the incorrect range (or autoranging mode), you will be mislead.
    (SuperGlide should be the same as FL model attachment)

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