Securing My Rocker C

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by Ginger Ninja, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. Ginger Ninja

    Ginger Ninja New Member

    Expecting delivery of my new awesome looking Rocker C, but wondered what tips does everyone have regarding security.

    Best tips for security when its in my garage

    Best tips for when out & about

    Who makes the best chain etc?

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  2. TQuentin1

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    Does your bike have the Factory security system on it? Does it have a siren? If yes, but no, then get yourself the siren module and install that. Plug and play.

    That is about the best you can do. Alarms, chains or aircraft cable, etc. only protect the bike from "mostly honest" citizens. Anybody that wants the bike is gonna get it. Four guys and a pickup, and the bike is gone. All that is left is the chain or cable laying on the ground.

    So park it in a crowd, where you can see it from the window, lock the fork, set the alarm, if you have a padlock you can put that through the front rotor (but PLEASE don't forget to take it off before you go!!). These things may slow the pros down or make them pick a bike that has no security at all.

  3. Jack Klarich

    Jack Klarich Guest

    Always lock the forks, I use a lock on the rear rotor as well, if they want it they will have to pick it up and carry it, if you have a garage door opener that is a plus, you can run a bolt thru the track also this will slow them down but dont forget to remove it before you open the door, but as TQ says if they want it they will find a way, carry good insurance Gap type JMO
  4. Mad Dog Jim

    Mad Dog Jim Banned

    I prefer full coverage with Gap insurance. And good photos and receipts of any add ons. Then, come get it! I'll go buy a new one
  5. Breeze3at

    Breeze3at Well-Known Member

    The best chain I have ever seen is a "Kryptonite". They are super hard. The problem is they are so heavy you don't want to carry them with you.
    Like others, I rely on disc locks to discourage the amateur thieves, and good insurance in case the professionals want my bikes.
  6. RetiredJake

    RetiredJake Junior Member

    When I am home, the bikes stay in a locked garage with a security system on both the bikes and the garage. When we travel, such as this winter, I chain the bike to the 5th wheel landing gear. In order to get the bike, they would have to cut a very heavy and hard chain, or lift 2,500 pounds to get the chain off the landing gear leg. If they can do that, they can have it and the insurance company can buy me a new one.
  7. karlsbike

    karlsbike Active Member

    ABUS Granite Extreme.
    You can't cut it with bolt cutters, you can't drill or freeze it, and you don't have access with an angle grinder. This lock/chain combo is tough.
    Add ABUS anchor point for when it's in the garage, and ALWAYS lock it to a pole or whatever when you're on the road.
    If you add a good disc lock as well, they will not get your scoot w/o some serious tools...
  8. biscuit

    biscuit Junior Member

    Where do you intend to keep it?

    On the street;inside a garage;out the back?Lounge room perhaps?

    You need the H-D alarm fitted,lock the ignition and steering and even put some type of chain/device through the bike.

    I keep mine in an alarmed house and garage,with the steeing lock on,the ignition locked and the Harley alarm armed at all times.Plus full insurance coverage.

    IF some scumbag wants it,they'll probably succeed;but i've done all i can.
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