Seat Recommendation Please XL 1200 low

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by ajlorh, Jan 2, 2011.

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    Like a previous poster I must do something to fix the sore rear end problem after several hours of riding. I am considering either the mustang seat with backrest or a corbin with backrest. Can anyone offer opinions on these two brands. (Or any others as well) Thanks for taking the time to read and reply

    (I have installed forward controls)

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    Mean City Cycles Custom Seat Modifications :: Home have a look at having your seat re done

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    I would go to your local H-D dealer and find both the Mustang and LePera either on a similarly outfitted used bike or in some cases they have some models in stock to try. As Jack pointed out, you can certainly have your seat modified...adding more foam and perhaps a gel insert.

    Of course the alternative is to clip on a sheepskin and gel was a quick fix and protects the existing seat...


    I have had good experience with the "Genuine Sheepskin Cover" by American Motorcycle Specialties. It has rubber coated metal hooks w/Velcro backed nylon webbing straps that grip under the seat and lip. The Memory Foam w/ 3/4" Gel pad works great, the sizes are 11"L x 7"W one for the pillion #18000 and there are other sizes. The website is Motorcycle Gel Seat Pads, Covers, Seat covers & Tie-Downs or call 1-800-710-7237...cost is about $75-$95.
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    Both are good seat makers, but have diffrent methods on seat building, and material used, mustang seats are all vinyl and corbins or leather on the others here suggest have to check them out and get what feels good to you .
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    harley has some good touring seats I have an 06 custom with touring seat it is well worth it
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    On my wife's 08 Low we put the HD Sundowner seat on. It made a world of difference. I liked it so much, I also put 1 on my 08 XL1200R. The shocks on her Low were worlds better than the ones on mine, so I also put on a pair of progressives which coupled with the new seat made for a pretty decent ride. Then Harley had to come up with their trade deal where you got full list for trading in your 07 or 08 Sporty, so I traded up to a Fat Bob and then up to a bagger for 2010.
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    I know there are several great seats out there. Right now money is a little tight so this is what i did. I went to a bicycle shop and bought a big gel slip on seat. I removed the lacing cord and replaced it with some 550 cord(parachute cord). I then tied it to the organial seat. I have a 1200L and the gel seat was the same size as the bucket part of the seat. This worked for me. I did this mainly bescause I was on long (17hr) ride from the house. I later removed the OEM seat and unstapped the cover. I cut the extra material off the gel seat and placed it between the cover and the pad. I then pulled the cover tight and stapled it back together.

    I know it is not as good as a new seat, but it allows me to get a few more miles between rest stops.
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    Check eBay for seats.
    I bought two Mustang seats for my '02 Sporty and one Mustang seat and backrest for my '07 Ultra on eBay.
    Stock seat on the Sporty and 200 miles would hammer me in the kidneys.
    I've gone 500 in a day with the Mustang on the Sporty and never felt it. Stock seat base is plastic and the Mustang has a metal frame. Makes a difference.
    Same with the Ultra. 2,000 mile trip (one-way in 4 days) and never had a problem.
    Mustang seats have worked wonders for me.