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    Have a 95 Electra Glide Classic and am wondering if any other model seats will fit. The selection is pretty depressing for 95's. Thanks for any help, we're new.
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    Looking for comfort, style, etc?
    You can go to Motorcycle Seats - Mustang
    and look at the various seats they have.
    Always rated for great comfort.
    I always replace with a mustang seat.
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    They made a frame change in 1996, so you are limited to 1995 and below. I don't know what the difference is, it may be as minor as brackets that you could change.
    Here's a pic. of your model seat. You have a "male" tab on the frame that fits under the "female" bar on the front of seat. 1996 and up have a "male" tab on the SEAT, that fits into the frame. As it's a solo, I can't help with the rear mounting, but I bet it wouldn't take a master fabricator to make one fit.

    I forgot to post the link, and edit time expired.
    Harley road king solo seat 95-below FLHR touring FLHRC | eBay
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    have you thought about modifications to your stock seat?