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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by bobalu, Jan 31, 2016.

  1. bobalu

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    I want to install a set of the Screamin' Eagle Street Cannon's on my 2010 RK Classic for the deeper, slightly louder sound but want to keep the "classic" look of the bike. I'll put the short slash ends on to keep it stock looking, but I really don't care for the Screamin' Eagle badge logo on the pipes. Does anyone know if they are somehow removable? Or do I just have to live with it.... I presume they are riveted on, rather than some kind of adhesive, but I've never seen a pair first hand so really don't know. Also, no point removing them if what's left looks even worse (i.e.: adhesive residue, holes from rivets, etc.).

    Any help appreciated!
  2. Jeff Klarich

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    My guess would be bolted, I don't think an adhesive would hold up under the extreme exhaust heat. JMHO.
  3. Bodeen

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    Ive never laid eyes on a pair in person but as with other SE slip-ons I have seen. My guess is that it is stamped in the chrome outer covering. Also not sure how the new ones mount but maybe you could put the left on the right and the right on the left causing the advertisement to be on the inside......
  4. TQuentin1

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    On my SE slip-ons the "Screamin' Eagle" logo is debossed into the metal on the side of the cans. Not removeable. I am not sure if the internal construction of the left and right can is the same in which case you could just swap them which would face the logo towards the tire. Might have to drill and tap some new holes so the end caps where aligned correctly though.

    But looking online, I do see someone trying to sell a set that had been laid down and tore off the emblem on one of the cans. It looks like these emblems are attached with rivets. Other than breaking off the emblems and drilling out the rivets, I am not sure they are removable. Also not sure how you would "fill" the rivet holes if you went that route. See here:


  5. Blue Wide Glide

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    I have the exact mufflers that you are questioning.There are no fasteners visible from the outside of the muffler, and if there are pins on the back of the script you would have to take the muffler apart to get to them. You cannot reverse the mufflers, as there are indents for the axle nuts. Mine did a good job of increasing the sound when I still had the factory headers (cats) installed. When I changed to the Cobra header, the sound was increased greatly.
  6. bobalu

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    You guy's rock! Thanks very much for the help as my dealership parts guy's didn't know. I can live with the logo, so I'm still going to get them.

    TQ - thanks for the link, awesome! I never thought of checking e-bay...

    Blue Wide - I appreciate you sharing your experience with them installed, this is nice to know!

    Jeff - I used to think the same as you re: heat and glue but I had my compensator replaced under warranty with the new SE version and it came with the plastic guide that is glued in with a special adhesive. I have no idea how an adhesive can hold under those conditions and in that environment. I've had a different opinion about adhesives ever since. (at least until it breaks off in the primary!:eek:.