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    Hi everyone, i have a 2008 CVO road king and took it in to HD for my 5000 mile inspection today. I went straight to the part department cause I've been wanting to put a SE II Heavy Air Breather on. The parts guy asked me what I had and then he insisted that if I do go with a big air mover that I should get the Screaming Eagle Race Tuner and continued explaining me the reasons why with possible popping on accel and de-accel and better idling, ECT... I already have cobra slip on exhaust . what do you guys think of this tuner and my situation?


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    I think it all depends on your future plans for your bike. If you plan on more engine work like cams, heads, displacement, etc.. then it would be a good investment because you could make adjustments as parts go on. If dont plan on much there are cheaper ways to go.
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    Did the dealer really mean the SE Race Tuner? Because now there is a SE Street Performance Tuner and a SE Super Tuner. I thought the Race Tuner was actually discontinued or superseded by the SE Super Tuner.

    I use a SE Super Tuner (which I though was their top end model) that has the black dongle. I still can't get all the verbiage correct on the different models. One has an orange dongle, another has a black dongle. Dealer saying one thing but meaning another can make it confusing.
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    I think your right Hoople the SERT has been replaced by the Super Tuner. CVOlover if it were me, and I have the SERT, I would opt for the Dobeck Gen 4. You will need some type of fuel optimizer with the set up you have, and Dobeck is right here on the forum and offers a discount to members.
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    thanks for all the advice you guys.. I really just want to put a heavy air breather on and thats it. BUt HD insists that I even have an ECM calibration done on that. Aren't these new computers capable of changing due to the amount of airflow on there own ? just like a vehicle.
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    Hoople.. he did in fact say race tuner to me but I honestly thought there was only one. He was talking about mapping and possibly having to put it on the dyno
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    Save a bunch of money and go with a Dobeck TFI Product. TFI Tuner From Dobeck Discounted (NEW OFFER) - Harley Davidson Community
    The parts counter guy is just doing his job. Like at Mcdonalds, always asking if you want a Apple Pie with your burger...:newsmile077:
    Just trying to get more profit for dealer... And suggesting dyno work also?????
    Get the SE air cleaner and call it a day..
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    The se air cleaner should allow more air into the system as you already have a better flowing exhaust system than stock you will get much better than stock flow of air/fuel into the engine
    as the bikes leave the factory with a fairly lean mixture due to environmental regulations then this extra flow of air will make the mixture even leaner this will cause the engine to run very hot and may in some circumstances cause damage to the engine
    in my bikes to overcome this sort of situation i will use a larger jets in the carb to compliment the air flow
    However with a fuel injected bike this is not possible so a wee box of electronics is required to trick the ecu into giving you a wee bit more fuel
    the offerings from Dobeck seem to be very good at performing the required task at a fairly reasonable price
    I would advise against fitting an se air cleaner if you do not have a method of increasing the fuel in place

  9. Hoople

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    The computer has very little range (almost none) in factory form and are set very lean right from the factory. A late model O2 sensor bike with added slip on's along with a breather installed will not be just lean.... it will be screaming lean. You have to do something to decrease the air/fuel ratio,

    The Super Tuner does work, but if you let the dealer do the work, the bike will still be lean because their hands are tied by federal law, You can do the job yourself using the Super Tuner but it takes time along with learning the software. It is not a few simple steps and your done, It takes work, study and some trial & error.

    The quick & effective way that gets the job done is using Dobeck's unit like others already have said. The Gen 4 has wide band feedback and is their top model. Their lower cost models still do a great job and your done in no-time. The Super Tuner will marry itself to that 1 bike only. Bobecks don't marry themselves to an ECM and are VERY cost effective. Plus no dyno time needed. You can't go wrong.
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    The FACT that you are doing TWO things that harley says you can DO one or the other and Not have to change anything is STILL not right.

    ALL HD Bikes are EPA too Lean to start with... HEAT will murder these bikes in a few Years IF you don't do a Fueler of some sort.

    No Matter what HD says, THEIR Hands are TIED bY the EPA and you will still have a TOO Lean running bike.

    I would Recommend the TFI, simple but VERY effective in UN-leaning the bike.
    Then the top of the line Gen3, A MODIFIED TFI using More adjustments and Lights to set. PIECE OF CAKE to set and use...

    Money wise, LESS$$$ and great performance. Simple Install, "Set" it and "Forget" it.

    THESE Dobecks products WILL give GREAT performance to your bike and every time you ride you will NOTICE the Good Change they provided...

    For everyday riding, Dobecks TFI or Gen3 is the Best and Easiest one to use.

    50$ off and free shipping because you are a Member here on HDT. Other discounts May apply, check with them BEFORE you order on. PM "Dobecks Tech Support" and get the Ball rolling.

    They also monitor this form and answer ANY questions.

    They Give the best product support imaginable...:D

    Give them a LOOK and SEE.