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  1. sprinklerfitter669

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    I was thinking on adding a Screamin' Eagle® Heavy Breather Performance Air Cleaner Kit to my bike PN #29253-08A

    was wondering what the advantages and negatives are?
    will mike perform better or sluggish?
    is it just for looks?

    currently i have the stage 1 +download, gen3 TFI, rush slip ons 2.5 baffles

    just was checking to see if the $$ is worth it
  2. glider

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    The intake is the other half of the stage 1 meaning that basically an engine is an air pump and by moving more air through it and out the exhaust, it would run better and make better power. If you then add some more fuel because the added air would lean things out, you will make more power and it will run better and also sometimes a bit cooler too.

    You have to readjust the TFI a bit richer if you have a better air flow to get a proper AFR.
  3. oiler

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    0 Glider says you will get better performance and re-ajusting your TFI is a must in order to get that performance. If you are trying to decide between the HD Stage 1 Air Kit and the Heavy Breather you will not notice any difference between the two. I had the HD Stage 1 Air Kit and then switched to the Heavy Breather. I switched because I like the looks of the Heavy Breather plus it is easier to remove the Heavy Breather filter for cleaning and re-oiling. The HD Stage 1 Air Kit comes with a washable synthetic filter which is garbage after you wash it a few times - then you will have to buy a K&N filter. The Heavy breather comes with a K&N filter.
  4. Jack Klarich

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    Good looking good performance and value for your buck and you already have the TFI Go for it:s
  5. sprinklerfitter669

    sprinklerfitter669 Junior Member

    so is this different from the stage 1?
    I thought stage 1 was a different sir filter from stock i already got the download when i bought the bike
    if i got this heavy breather and installed, does it matter since i already have the stage 1 download?

    will their be any difference in power, or fuel since i am running 2-1/2" baffles
  6. JBC2565

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  7. oiler

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    What exactly do you have at the moment?

    (A) stock air cleaner
    Stage 1 download
    Gen 3 TFI
    Rush slip-ons


    (B) Stage 1 air cleaner
    Stage 1 download
    Gen3 TFI
    Rush slip-ons

    If you want to install the Heavy Breather and you have (A) your TFI will have to be adjusted just a tad. Call Techlusions for proper settings.

    If you want to install the Heavy Breather and you have (B) you don’t have to do anything, just switch air cleaners. You will not notice any difference in performance between the HD Stage 1 Air Cleaner and the HD Heavy Breather.
  8. dbmg

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    Think of it this way. Your engine is a pump. The more air in the more air out. So with the already added exhaust and the TFI in place it should just be a snap to install heavy breather and adjust TFI. You should gain a couple of H.P. to boot. Just be prepare to hear the air cleaner making the intake noise while riding.....
    Glad to see you back on. Has the snow melted yet?????
  9. sprinklerfitter669

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    I got the option B, talking to the dealer today he gave the same awnser you did, thanks

    some white stuff still sticking around :(

    I read about the air sucking in noise wiht the heavy breather...
    is it really that noticable ?
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  10. BUBBIE

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    I have the SE Air and it is covered by the big FootBall cover so Not so noisy I'd IMAGINE the H.B. Just in its location with out a cover Makes More noise.. Now That I would Like..

    The download you did at HD as Explained by Hoople to me and a few others; it is Worthless in Giving Enough Fuel to run UN-LEAN , that is why you have the TFI/Gen3... Hd's download mostly just gives you the added RPM... I don't need added RPM on this Long Stroked engine.. I shift mine well before any Limit is reached...

    The down load is Nothing to consider only You Have it.. The addition of fuel is the TFI/Gen3 and you'll adjust that to the good runability of your ride....

    Nothing changes with the down load and it will work as it is supposed to TOO LEAN and only gave enough fuel at WOT (says Hoople)...

    good to see you posting. Hope the weather gets Warm for all. Crazy all over the country again.