SE Camplate 25283-07 vs 25284-08

Discussion in 'Engine, Fuel and Exhaust' started by dolt, May 12, 2009.

  1. dolt

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    Since the 25283-07 is no longer made and very few left, am thinking that the 25284-08 plate will work with early gear drive cams if the oil passages for the hydraulic tensioners were blocked off? I have heard that Andrews and/or S&S makes them but I have not checked. Has anyone tried this approach? I am not that keen on the plate, stock works for me, but the high volume oil pump is appealing.
  2. TQuentin1

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    I did the roller chain conversion, and still have the original plate off my '03 UC. Still assembled with the pump, cams, silent chains and old tensioners. The only thing i want off it is the Baisley spring and plunger. You are welcome to the rest if you want it (just pay shipping). Send me a pm if so.

  3. dolt

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    Thanks, a generous offer and, as a new member, very much appreciated. My problem is that I was running the early SE plate in my 107" '02 FLHT and, first time for me, a valve lifter retainer clip escaped and destroyed the oil pump. I hung on to my stock hardware, as you did, and can replace with stock but really like the new high volume pump for this application. That's why I am looking into the possibility of using the late plate, like yours, but blocking off the tensioner oil passages for the gear drive cams. The plate is a nice piece of hardware but the pump is the attraction for me.
  4. jonny oz

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    I've heard from people that have done this (blocked off the passages) that it works just fine.