SE adjustable pushrods???

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  1. devon john

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    i have just fitted new cams ,woods 6-6, HD SE ajustable pushrods and was a little confused as to how many turns out to ajust them
    SE say 2 1/2 turns and overs say 3-3 1/2 turns out??
    the bike is running with 2 1/2 turns but is a little noisey

  2. Jack Klarich

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    Adjusting Pushrods - Harley Davidson Community how are your lifters?
  3. Chopper

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    21/2 turns has always worked for me, follow instructions and you can't go wrong.
  4. gamspaugh

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    just installed se 255's in mine and used the adj rods went 2.75 turns and started up with no noise good luck

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    I agree with the LITTLE extra.... Not Much but a Little...

    I used the SE slender tappers and I do take time to Find the True "0" lash.

    The "0" lash is sometimes not found IF in a HURRY and the adjustment May be a little looser with some mechanics than need be.. IMO The little extra of adjustment won't hurt a thing.. Just My Way I do It...

    Very Happy with the runability of My bike after the install with the SE255's/using SE tappers and my Lifters are Very Quiet also.. Sewing-machine

  6. FishHunter

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    Load the lifter .140-.150".
    Your TPI, will tell you how far that is.
  7. glazier

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    Using the SE adjustable pushrods, (32 tpi) you would need to turn the adjusters 4.6 turns out to achieve the .145" that you're recommending. SE instructions say to turn the adjuster 2.5 turns out. So you're saying to go almost twice as much as the instructions call for??? And if the lifters travel .200 and you want to set the pushrods in the middle of the travel, why would you load them to .140"-.150" when .100" would be the middle of .200"???
    Seems to me that 2.5 turns might not be enough for the SE p/r's, but 4.6 is way too much. If one turn = .0313" then 3 turns = .0939" which is still a little shy of .100"
    The 2.5 turns that SE recommends would only load the lifter at .07825"
    I recently put in the SE p/r's and went exactly 2.5 turns (15 flats), and when the motor gets up to operating temperature, I'm hearing a little more valve train noise than before. Think I'm gonna turn the p/r's out another 1/2 a turn and see if that makes a difference. I'll still be under .100" overall, so I don't think I'm asking for trouble here, but I'll gladly listen to any suggestions, or corrections on my numbers.
  8. 2000classic

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    Looks to me your numbers are all good. I shoot for .100 - .120 and have not had any issues.:)
  9. R.Bingham

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    I would trust Scott on this one if you are using a Wood's cam. He has probably installed more Wood's cams than anyone in the country. Wood's cams do have a reputation of being noisy and I imagine the extra preload helps to quieten them. Also I would suppose that it would minimize lifter bleed down which can cause starting issues.
  10. dolt

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    Quick and easy way to cipher turns to .100" is divide the TPI by 10; 32TPI would require 3.2 turns to .100"; 24TPI would require 2.4 turns to .100".

    Which SE pushrod do you have? SE Quick Install Tapered adjustables, PN18484-08, are 24 TPI; SE adjustables are 32TPI. If instructions are 2.5 turns, the pushrods are likely the later tapered adjsutables.

    If you are loading under .100", you will have some noise, regardless of how many turns. Listen to Scott, a little more preload does not affect operation and will quiet the valve train. HD recommends 2.5 on the newer SE pushrods and many, including yours truly, set them to 3 turns. If 24TPI, 3.5 turns will get to .140"-.150".