SE 44mm CV carb adapted for cruise

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by CalgaryBikeBum, Apr 9, 2010.

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    Well one thing about HD's everyday's an adventure. I am building my 95 into a 103. Decided I would put on the SE 44mm CV carb and intake to complete the job. I found out that HD made a SE 44mm CV carb that was cruise compatible. When i ordered it I found out that they no longer make it? My guess is because some Gov. official asked how come if its a race only carb you would need cruise control? :newsmile100:
    So... I ordered the SE 44mm (non cruise) model. It arrived yesterday. Its now cruise capable. WHat I did was carefully remove screws from throttle plate. (2). Remove C clips holding throttle shaft in place and small one holding accel pump shaft. I did the same on my 40 mm CV. I carefully measured with a vernier caliper and the shafts are identical with the exception of the cruise connect pin on end. You do have to get a points file and cleanup the slot in the throttle shaft as obviously the 44mm plate is bigger then the 40mm plate and they didnt slot the old 40 plate big enough. This took me maybe 15 minutes being careful. I reassembled using a bit of blue loctite on throttle plate screws. Moved cable connection plate (it has a spot for cruise cable) , enricher cable and my Chrome Screaming eagle diaphram cover plate and voila' a cruise capable 44 mm carb. Hope that helps someone else. I worked hard to make cruise work on my old cop bike. Didn't want to give it up for a bit more performance. :D