SE 255 Cams in a 96 CI Softail

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    Hello and help if you can. I am looking to install a set of nearly new SE 255 cams in my 09 Heritage and have a few questions. #1, will I need to change the pushrods to adjustable or is the base circle close enough for the stock rods to work? #2, I have a stage 1 and a SERT map but I can't seem to find a good map with the SERT files that call for just the free flow AC and pipes along with the 255's. Can I use something else that would keep me out of trouble. I have never had the thing dyno tuned and it runs awsome as is. Hopefully this question is not somewhere down the posts as I have not found anything on this issue.
    Thank you in advance..
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    Adjustable pushrods would be a big plus for fine tuning the valve train, A dobeck ef would be a good choice plus u get a discount Harley Davidson Community Looking for opinions for cam upgrade in Ultra Classic - Harley Davidson Community Welcome to The Forum
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    The 255 cam does work very well in a 96 inch engine. I have found that the best map if you have a Sert or SESP or TTS is the CVO 110 stage I download. This is a very good starting point. On the SESP or TTS you could start with that map and go ride the bike in V tune mode or Smart tune based on what ever system you have.

    As for pushrods stock ones work fine, if you are not swapping head gaskets, or milling the heads for what ever reason, you should not have to "adjusted" the pre load on the lifters.

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    I Like the slender tapers that HD offers in the adjustable push-rods...
    I always install them early on especially when tearing into the cam area.

    If you are ONLY doing the cams and nothing about the heads or pistons, IT Saves time on Not having to tear the top of the motor down...

    Always a chance for a leak, so WHY monkey when the adjustable rods make it so EASY...:D

    I think Most cams if not All, have the same Base Circle so the stock pushrods will fit back in...

    I sure like my SE255 cams in my 09 FLHR.:thanks

    Just My Way

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    These are a good choice in H-D Cams in the 96 and 103 with the right tune. Some say there is a dip in the 2200 to 2800 rpm. Anyone expierenced this? If so can be tuned out.
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    Be careful on the 103" at 25* ABDC raises the cranking compression pressure making starter and hot start problems without compression releases.



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    I posted about the dynamic compression on another post. I have pulled several 255 cams out of the dealer installed 103 kit. Many other cams that are a much better choice. The 255 puts the dynamic comp ratio well over what you can really get at the pump today. I know that many think it works but once we get done pulling timing on a custom tune the power you gained up front is lost when the bike is really ready for the street. Not to mention the 255 cam lack duration to the 103 inch engine. Its just ait pump nothing more.

    Here is a 103 255 dealer built engine as it came to me. I installed a 54 cam and the gains are right where it should be. And it will run on 91 octane fuel with 10% E, in 115 temps. Not bad for a stock head engine.

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