SE 103 Kit out of SE Catalog

Discussion in 'Engine, Fuel and Exhaust' started by IR Rick, Dec 6, 2010.

  1. IR Rick

    IR Rick Active Member

    I'm thinking of going with 103 kit out of the SE Catalog $2300
    also add the hd cam plat. roller tapits
    VH Header pipes

    anything i should be adding?:s or what would do differnat
    I have the tunner, and the mufflers, & Vo2 a/c,

    Thanks for the help:57:
  2. dbmg

    dbmg Guest

    Are you doing the work or the shop? Need to consider labor cost that is going to be involved.
  3. IR Rick

    IR Rick Active Member

    I just got the SE compesator, My compesator does make the kluk nosie
    and i still have warranty but i rather do it myself.
    I'm also going put a 30thooth drive grear in,

    My brother is building a lift table, so when he gets done with that i will get started on the engine rebuild,
    I'm also looking at putting Baker tranny in.
    I was looking at the new 2011 SE UC, but i can up grade my bike with alot of nice stuff and still save $10,000:s
  4. IR Rick

    IR Rick Active Member

    The way i was reading info form here, it soulds like the 09 tranny could give you toubles down the road, I what to make sure when i have everything apart i get it all done at the same time. i get tired of buying gaskets every time i change somehing or spending more money on getting tunned.

    some times i think it was nicer working with the old bikes, just jet the carb or put the old gasket back in,, it was going to leak anyway.:p
  5. karlsbike

    karlsbike Active Member

    And that's where I am;). I guess I should be able to get it not to leak when I'm building my new S&S engine for it (sometimes I think my scoot thinks she is an early shovel - while she's just a teenager!)

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    I think a lot of the PROBLEM associated with the TALK of bad tranny on the HD 6 speeds is simply the Type of Gear Oil "NOT" used in them....

    I have not had nor know of any friends bikes that use PROPER LUBE having any Major problems..

    A friend was ready to take his New bike back to where he bought it, demanding his Old bike back,, stating the tranny sounded like it was going to come apart in 1st and 5th gear,,,,, I told him about "Redline Heavy Shockproof" and gave him a quart to try.. He gladly reimbursed me after the fact, Thanking me as the bike NOW ran quiet..

  7. R.Bingham

    R.Bingham Active Member

    I would talk to Steve at GMR Performance about one of his 107 kits. You could have a build that would better suite a bagger for street use than the Stage IV SE 103 package. How does 120 ftlb of torque and 106 hp, 100 ftlb of torque and above from 2100-5500 rpm sound?

    Twin Cam Performance Packages


    I would take this over the SE package any day.:D

  8. mouthful

    mouthful Active Member

    I understand Baker is making a 7 speed tranny. Let us know how it runs with your new motor.
  9. IR Rick

    IR Rick Active Member

    Thanks for the lead, this sounds good:D