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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by mcbur1, May 18, 2009.

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    Can anyone recommend a good scratch and swril mark remover? I have a black electra glide. I know black is hard to keep clean. I was just wondering if anyone has any good suggestions about what you use on your bikes.
  2. I didn't believe it till I tried it myself. Pledge works great on all paint surfaces and chrome. I did a wax/ pledge challenge on the fairing. The pledge won the race. But you don't need to use very much pledge. Spray it on a micro towel rub it all over the paint. Then wipe it off as soon as it dries.

    I bet after you try it you to will be a pledge user!!!
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    Ditto on the pledge, works great even here in New Zealand....funny that....also use the Lemon one it makes the bike smell good....grin
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    I started using the Pledge last week. Could not believe how easy it is to use and what a fantastic job it does. Try it, you won't go back to dedicated polishes/waxes.
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    I use Liquid Glass. It is a "polish" that works well on the swirl marks. It also helps protect your finish beautifully. It melts into the paint as it bakes in the sun to help protect the paint. It is also very easy to put on and take off with a rag. It's good stuff however at $23.00 a can its a bit more expensive than the pledge. It doesn't smell lemony fresh either. I might try using both? The pledge is something I wouldn't have thought of using before reading this post, but if Glider says it's good than I'll give it a try. Always learning good stuff on this site.
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    I used pledge for years on my guitars to remove the marks left by the picks..It works just as good on the bike too.
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    Pa Pa Pa Pledge! Once again it outshines the competition. No pun intended. This stuff is sweeter than Mother's Love.
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    Pledge is okay for light stuff. I would recommend the Harley scratch remover also. It works on my Harley quite well. Fossil
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    It all depends on how deep the scratches are.Clearcoat on a Harley is pretty thick.Most scratches/swirl marks are caused by simply washing it.A dirty buckett, too course a wash mitt etc..Black is the worste for showing defects as we all know.While Pledge or a polish may hide some scratches it is not going to remove them.To remove them you need to buff.

    In my shop we wetsand vehicles with 2000 wet paper to remove imperfections in the clearcoat.We then use a rubbing compound with the correct pad and machine buff to remove the 2000 scratches.The compound leaves a much finer scratch so we need to machine polish to remove the compound scratches.With most colors you would be done at this point but not black.With black you would then machine glaze until the naked eye could no longer she the polish swirls.

    Keep in mind buffing products are designed to be used with a machine and a specific pad.They are also designed to be stepped in succesion with other products also utilizing specific pads on a machine.Personaly, I preffer the Presta line of buffing material.