Scala rider set Q2 or Chatterbox ?

Discussion in 'Communications And Radio' started by RockinRich, Feb 23, 2011.

  1. RockinRich

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    I can get the Scala rider set (2) for $178 on amazon and the comparable chatterbox (1) for the same or more.
    Is it worth the extra money to get the chatterbox? I ride with a few friends who have chatterbox. Will the Scala talk to them?
    Do you know if Scala will play music from iPhone over Bluetooth? I ride with my wife on back and it would be nice to talk to her.
  2. deucedog

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    That's a pretty good price. I saw them at the annual bike3 show for $300, which is why I didn't buy them then.

    The two systems are mutually exclusive. The Scala is much smaller. If you mount it on your helmet it's almost unnoticeable. I had the Chatterbox for several years and was quite happy with it's performance. (Mine was mounted on the handlebars.) the only reason I sold it was my buddy sold his and bought the Scala unit, leaving me with no one at the other end of mine. lol

    Make sure you understand how the Scala communicates with other units. It's a little tricky if you want to talk to more than 2 others. If you get the rider & passenger units, then you can double the number of people you talk to.

    Basically, the Chatterbox transmits on a frequency. Any number of other Chatterboxes, no limit. The Scala has to be paired to it's intended 'partner'.
    Sort of like a Bluetooth phone that gets paired to your car.

    Also, the Chatterbox needs to be connected via a cable to the passenger.
    The Scala does not, it connect via radio frequency.

    Yes, the Scala will play music and also pair to your phone, but then you loose the ability to pair to another Scala.

    It looks like you probably need the Chatterbox if you want to communicate with your friends who have them.
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  3. rking

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    I have the Scala 2 rider and passenger unit. It works well, my wife and I communicate very clear, also she can plug in an ipod and listen to music when we are not conversing. One of the things that bug me at times is when I hit 70mph or higher the mic kicks on until it sesnses no conversation then kicks out. Other than that it works good. This unit will not communicte with another rider. From what I understand is you need 2 rider units for that.
  4. Dr. Dolittle

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    I have a Scala and have one minor complaint. It's voice activated so, yes, the wind is sometimes interpreted as a "voice" and the system goes hot for a short time. I guess it should actually be referred to as "noise activated." There is also a very short delay so if you just start talking, the first part of your conversation will be clipped off. My wife and I have learned the following process:

    1. Blow into the mike until you hear the system activate
    2. Wait a second
    3. Talk

    Works great once you learn this workaround.

    Sorry, no experience with a Chatterbox.
  5. jnor

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    My wife, and I have the Scala Q2 set....we use it bike to bike, and we love it...We've had ours over 2 years now...........
  6. streitm

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    I have the Scala G4. I know it is not one of the products you mentioned, but it is a great product. The only problem I have had with the G4 is at speeds above 70, some times it will not answer the phone. I know I should not be talking on the phone in the first place, but it is hands free so I do some times. Other than that it has been a great unit. You also get a longer range on the G4 then you do on the G2. Good luck, and I hope you enjoy which ever product you buy.
  7. airforceacop

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    If you wait about a week...I can tell you more about chatterbox. .I ordered 2 chatter box xbi2 units,...small bluetooth capable units, able to sinc phone and 'GPS or add a mp3 player.....I personally don't care about catching a phone call while out riding...thats what voice mail is for...but having GPS instructions and being about hear tunes or chat with my lady or other riding stand by I'II post a review soon!
  8. airforceacop

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    well, it was longer than expected for my review, just after I wrote that |I got deployed to Afghanistan then side tracked for Libya, but I'm back now and have finally had a chance to play with my Xbi2 unit. So far, I installed the open face version on my Kevlar hd half helmet, install was a breeze, i also order the little speaker pockets for the helmet. I'm using my Garmin 765 Gps and have the suction cup mount on the gas tank, as the handle bar mount shook the gps so much i couldn't even see it. So far, my gps was easy to sinc with the chatter box, and the speakers are pretty loud, not ear pericing but loud enough to hear the gps directions at 80 mph. I also have a sd card with mp3's on it and it plays the tunes awesomely. So far it has done everything i was looking for, i haven't' set up the other unit to check how it works for bike to bike or driver to rider....nor have i set it up to use with my phone, but I'LL keep messin around with it and let you all know how's it working out for me......I bought these units off ebay for 155 bucks each so far so good!
  9. Burgundy9

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    Welcome back Airforceacop! Glad you're safe.

    I know that it's not one of the products mentioned by the OP, but I just picked up the Sena SMH10. It's exceeded my expectations. I used it two up, with my wife, over the weekend. The sound is very clear. I'm using a 3/4 helmet w/ no face shield. She's using a 3/4 w/ face shield. The bike is a Softail w/ V&H exhaust and HD QR shield. She said that she did not hear any wind noise through my mic. You can use it VOX, but we just tapped the jog button to "open" the intercom and were good to go.

    Her only complaint was when I would start talking with my hands. :newsmile055:
  10. Dangerousdan2

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    The Scala Riders don't have replaceable batteries but Chatterbox does, just anther thing to consider.
    I bought the Scala Riders. They worked GREAT for about 3 months then one went bad. I sent it in and they replaced it under warranty, but it does not work as well as the first on did, they cut off while talking about 10% the time, VERY ANNOYING. And the warranty is up, my next set will be Chatterbox when these quit or get any worse.