Saw my first After Winter-Early Spring Motorcycle

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  1. Hi:
    Here in Northwestern British Columbia, Canada, we still have a fair deal of snow. But, I saw a Motorcycle yesterday. I think it was a blinged-out, piped-up Harley. (But I could be wrong.)

    My husband brought his out of the shop and took it for it's virgin (with him) burn. He said it wasn't bad. (It's a Suzuki something-or-the-other: It's not as large a motor as my bike. ... or is it a Kawasaki? :small3d002: I've forgotten.)

    So, does anyone else still have snow, and have they seen a Motorcycle? :yes
  2. fin_676

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    On the lower grounds the snow is starting to go however the roads are white with salt having ruined a few bikes in the past on salt from the roads bikes will stay in the shed for a wee while yet
    There are some people around here that ride all year round i did when younger i did see a bike today it was from the far east and they all look the same to me so not sure what it was

  3. SixPak

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    where in NW BC are you?
  4. oldhippie

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    I see a motorcycle every time I go in my garage:D.. Still have lots of snow but at least I can see mostly gravel on my driveway now. Still too much salt on the roads though and temps are slowly peeking over freezing.
  5. mlemay

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    We have had a few days in the low 50s here and there.
    I've seen a few bikes out, but not many.
    I'm planning a short ride around town tomorrow.
  6. My hometown is Topley - halfway between Prince George (in the east) and Prince Rupert (on the western coast) but, I was in Smithers when I saw the motorcycle.

    Now, it's a lot less snow, and there are many more motorcycles out.
  7. BigT7872

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    No snow here in phoenix, az, but temps are already hitting 100deg f. So some of the bikes are hiding from the heat.