Samson or Vance & Hines?

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by miuliani, Oct 25, 2011.

  1. miuliani

    miuliani Member

    I have an '05 softail deluxe and I can't decide whether to go with the V&H true duals or the Samson true duals.

    Any suggestions?
  2. SirDimsdale

    SirDimsdale Active Member

    I have the V&H Hi Output on my trike and and really like the sound. Check out other posts here of owners who had a problem or two and were fully covered by V&H even after several years of ownership. Can't beat the customer service from what I've read.
  3. HDSickness

    HDSickness Banned

    I have Samson rolled oval slip ons and love the sound.
  4. TripleJ

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    Here is one of those posts I made that SirDimsdale is referring to.

    Vance and Hines Experience - Harley Davidson Community

    The V&H True Duals are the pipes I had on my 08 Heritage that I no longer have. With that I am partial to the Vance and Hines product but I seriously doubt you could go wrong either way as I have also heard good things about Samson products.

    Oh yeah, I just so happen I have those pipes in the garage along with (2)sets of baffles and (2) sets of different tips (fishtail and straight) that I am selling. If interested pm me :D
  5. RUSHMORE_14

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    I have V&H true duals on my 09 Heritage( no fishtails). Put them on right in my garage. Love them.

    Had Samson true duals on my Springer Classic. Nice, but a little flat( maybe the fishtails)

    V&H people were awesome to deal with....also have the Fuelpak and naked a/c to complete stage one.

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  6. miuliani

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    Thank you all....I guess you made up my mind - V&H it is. I'm not interested in the fishtails - I don't like the way they look. The other good thing about it as that they are $200 less than the samson's. I guess now the decision is the Arlen Ness billet sucker vs. the Kuryakyn Hypercharger. I already have the Dobeck EFI but it's not installed yet.