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    Recently there have been several threads that dealt with accidents and damage as well as equipment malfunctions. I am by no means a safety expert, but I have over the years become more aware of how to take care of my ride and how to ride with more awareness. I would like to hear from our members and moderators as to their thoughts on what safety means to them as well as tips that will make us all safer riders.
  2. Rubyred

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    The best one I have is "Don't trust the other gut to do the right thing." Be defensive! Ride safe.
  3. mat 60

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    Heres what I need to do for safety........Eye exam
  4. ZachB

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    I ride like every one is blind and if they can see me they want to kill me. I've almost been tagged a few times by morons. As far as myself being safe, I give the bike a good once over tire pressure etc. and try not to get too complacent.
  5. dbmg

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    Great thread HDDon!!! I ride as if I am invisible, And always go with instinct. If I think a vehicle is going to do something to invade my space I prepare evasive action just in the case. The reason for this is because 75% of the time the the violation of my space happens. Over 25 years of riding I have incorporated this thought process into my ride, so it has become second nature and has become very fluid while riding. I also maintain my bike so I am always a step ahead of a problem, and know what bike needs to be a 100% functional. Reading safety articles monthly to keep the thought process fresh, and as always PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!!!!!!
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    We all could take a lesson from your post. Thanks
  7. TQuentin1

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    NEVER TRUST THE OTHER GUY. Doesn't matter if that is another biker, but especially if it is a cage driver. Assume they are going to do something stupid and leave yourself an out.

    As an example, the other day I was riding in an HOV enclosed lane following another biker. I did not know that guy. He kept motioning me to pull up I assume he meant along side. Not gonna do it. I will ride stagger with someone I do not know well, and will take the following position since I can drop back as far as necessary while I assess the other rider's (s') skills. So after a few arm motions, I finally passed the guy and rode in front of him. I was NOT riding side-by-side at highway speeds in an enclosed lane with someone I did not know. BTW, his bike was a newer model.

    And, you can almost always guarantee that the cage driver you are pulling up on is gonna cut over into your lane. This happens regularly, and my bike is a pretty big eyeful!! Happens to me almost monthly at least once. Just have to watch them like a hawk.

    And NEVER assume that cage turning left, either approaching you or out of a side street on the right, is gonna wait for you to go by. Assume they are gonna cut in front of you, and have an out.

    Check your tires every week, and your brakes every day.

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    I like the "Ride like you are invisible" motto, because to many cagers you are. Know your bike and its limits, braking, leaning, etc. Take a course, MSF, RLAP, Advanced Riders, etc. Practice, practice......Assume a worst case scenario because it can and does happen too often. This all sounds morbid but it really isn't, motorcyclists are a separate culture and we have to look after ourselves and everyone else at the same time. It still doesn't detract from the joy of riding, it just helps make sure you'll get home to ride again. Great topic. Best to you all. Ride safely.
  9. hig4s

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    Statistics show that 50% of all motorcycle fatalities involve alcohol.

    I had a close call because of alcohol induced poor judgment years ago, so now I reserve any alcohol consumption until after the bike is parked for the night. I want to be at my best, because many others either aren't at their best, or their best isn't that good.

    I also always wear boots, gloves, full face helmet, long pants and armored jacket, even when it is hot here in Florida. I probable should also wear real riding pants all the time, but do often wear jeans.

    I don't care how many people give me a hard time for looking dumb wearing sport bike gear on my Harley, after all it is a Sportster.
  10. whacko

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    I agree with all the posts above with awareness when riding! But I'll add to that.....I wear safety gear ALL the time:

    1. Full face helmet
    2. Mesh jacket with CE armor in the summer and Tourmaster textile jacket with CE armor in cooler weather
    3. Draggin Jeans
    4. Motorcyle Boots from Chippewa
    5. Armored gloves

    You can do everything possible with the skills and the awareness but still never know when you are gonna go down! I prefer to do as much as possible to protect my melon and leave the skin on my body!

    Touchy subject with many riders out there with the helmet laws and all but I do not judge others.....ride with what you feel comfortable is up to you. I'm just posting what I prefer to wear for safety gear!