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Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by Bianca, Jul 13, 2009.

  1. Bianca

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    Hi there,

    I hope i'm not being a bit unreasonable, but i am currently doing some research on the feelings of safety when it comes to your Harley Davidson - don't exactly want to purchase one if its not safe?

    Could you maybe reply with your thoughts? Would be great to "hear" how experienced riders feel about this topic?

    Thanks :)
  2. Shifter

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    Are you talking Harleys, or bikes in general? My train of thought on this is...It's not the ride that's not safe, it's the rider. The bike is only as safe as the person that rides and maintains it.
  3. xlcruser

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    +1 Shifter. Know your limits and stick to them. Being over confident will get you hurt.
  4. sharpscuba

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    Its all about respect. Know your limits, and watch out for the other guy. After that it is a form of tranquility that works for me.
  5. wilsylb2009

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    Yes, being over confedent will get you or someone near you hurt,set your own pace, and speed, i have seen to many newbie,s try to stay with a old timer,in the turns,and twistie,s and end up with a lot of dirt on there butt, and remember,if you get into a turn, to fast,and in your gut you know you will not hold your line,just push down on the handle bar as hard as you can in that direction and look were you want to go, not anywere else,, BeSafe!
  6. Dr. Dolittle

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    I agree with an earlier post - you need to be much more specific about what you are asking. Is this your first motorcycle and you are concerned about overall motorcycle safety? Is this your first Harley and you are concerned about reliability and breaking down?

    Narrow it down for us please!
  7. The4opps1

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    I will add my $.02 to what has been said already. It's not the machine, but the rider. I'm not one for government intervention into your life, but I honestly beleive that all motorcyclists should have to take a motorcycle safety course as part of the licensing requirements. Having a good foundation for safety is key to being safe. Remember, you can kill yourself on a moped...
  8. TXMikey

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    I agree with the others; you've got to know your limits, and not exceed them. You should also take the MSF course before purchasing a bike to make sure you are comfortable with riding if this is your first bike.

    As for safety on the roads, that's as much dependent on the other drivers as it is on your own experience level. If the other driver isn't paying attention, it doesn't matter where you're on a motorcycle, bicycle, or cage, they're going to hit you. Only difference is the results are always worse for the motorcyclist/bicyclist.

    If you're talking about safety with regards to theft, vandalism, etc, then it depends on your bike, where you are, and who wants it. Theft is going to be higher on a Harley than a metric because they are more popular, but probably not as high as on a crotch-rocket. There are locks available to keep the honest people honest, but if someone really wants your scoot they will take it. You've just got to take precautions to reduce the risk just like you do with your car.
  9. 03classic

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    Saftey starts with the rider

    motorcycle saftey course
    pre-ride inspection
    maintain properly
    proper riding attire


    Four wheels move the body,Two wheels moves the soul
  10. RetiredJake

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    If the rider has taken the MSF safety course, if he/she paid attention and follows what they were taught, if the bike is properly maintained, then you're good to go. A lot more mental work than most people think.