saddle bag guards/ will leather bags get in way of passenger feet?

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by ron1978, Feb 2, 2010.

  1. ron1978

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    I'M Lookin to buy the left and right saddle bag guard /bags the ones that mount on the metal frame work, will the passenger still have plenty of foot room on floor boards?? opinions please, there to expensive to buy just to turn around and sell again.

    2005 roadking is the bike.
  2. 06rdking

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    not really, the way the rear crashbar lays your leg would hit the crashbar before you could slide your foot back that far. I hve them on my rd king and would be lost without them.
  3. Dr. Dolittle

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    Easiest thing before you spend a bunch of money is to drag you and your "passenger" into a dealership that has a bike set up like you're thinking of doing. Have her sit on the back and then you'll know for sure. Remember the passenger floorboards can be adjusted up and down in the preset holes and if that's not enough adjustability, you can get floorboard brackets from HD and Kuryakyn that are almost infinitely adjustable.
  4. rpana

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    i have the small bags on my 03 Roadking Classic and the wife doesnt seem to have any problem with leg room.