S&S EZFI unit on my Street Bob

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by Tatts, Oct 8, 2009.

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    I've set up my stock '07 Street Bob with a K&N air filter, S&S slip on mufflers and the S&S EZFI module. I've uploaded the advanced program to my bike and although she seems pokier, she Edit and coughs her guts up when i back off the throttle regardless of what rev range i'm in. Hopefully someone will see this and maybe have an idea of how to settle the backfiring ass S&S aren't much help:)

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    After reading thousands of Dyna related posts on the internet for the past couple years, you are the first I have seen with an S & S fuel manager. You may be hard pressed to find much help.

    Only suggestion I can offer is to take the hit and get a EFI manager which is more common, such as a Power Commander, V & H FuelPak, or SERT. Support is readily available and help from forum members should be in abundance for such systems.

    A dyno-tune with your current system may be the best way to fine-tune what you have and get rid of the popping.
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    Ive had quite a few dealings with s&s and sometimes called their tech support line.They been very helpful to me.(608)627-8324 hope this helps